Failure To Download Attachment From The Multimedia Message: 5 Best Solutions

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Failure to Download Attachment from the Multimedia Message

The time has evolved, now you have MMS services to exchange what inspires you the most. But have you ever been into a situation where you have received an MMS but it is saying – Failure to download attachment from the multimedia message?

Unable to download the multimedia message sounds quite frustrating. As you really want to see what you got into the message. But I want to tell you that there are plenty of reasons that might be causing trouble while downloading the MMS. And I have the best solutions to fix the error.

What Are the Common Errors That Appear When You Try to Download Multimedia Messages?

The common errors are:

  • Couldn’t download
  • Downloading…
  • Message expired or not available

I am going to share the best possible solutions that can fix the failed to download attachment errors.

Solution 1. Switch To Mobile Data

Failure to Download Attachment from the Multimedia Message

Your Wi-Fi might be a culprit for not letting you download the MMS. If the Wi-Fi calling option is not enabled on your Android device, you will see the error while downloading. Therefore, you need to switch on your mobile data and then, try to download the multimedia message.

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Solution 2. Disable Auto-retrieve In Mms Setting

A system hardware or processor causing errors can lead to the failure to download multimedia. So, you should disable an auto retrieve option in MMS settings by following the below steps:

Failure to Download Attachment from the Multimedia Message

  • Visit the Messaging App and select the menu option.
  • Now, go to the settings and search for the auto retrieve option.
  • Select to disable the auto retrieve.

To check if this method worked, simply restart your Android phone.

Solution 3. Clear Cache And Data For Mms Service

To resolve the failure downloading error while downloading multimedia messages, you can try clearing the cache and data.

This might resolve the error of your particular messaging App.

To do this, follow the steps below:

  • Head to the Settings on your phone and select the Apps option.
  • In the installed applications, search for the MMS service app. Get into this option and hit the options of Clear Data and Clear Cache.

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After following the process you can try downloading your MMS message.

Solution 4. Delete Old Messages

If you can’t download multimedia messages, the reason might be your storage reached the maximum message limits. Full storage doesn’t allow you to download multimedia messages.

So, try resolving this issue by deleting old messages:

  • Head to the message application.
  • Select the menu button and tap on delete threads.
  • Mark the boxes in front of the messages that you want to delete.
  • Once you are done deleting, check if the MMS message not downloading problem is resolved.

Solution 5. Reset the Apn Settings

If your android failed to download multimedia, try to reset your APN settings.

  • On your Android device visit the settings app and tap on More.
  • Now, select the Mobile Networks and then, go to the Access Point Names.
  • If your MMS message not downloading, select the three vertical dots and tap on Reset to Default.


If you are facing the failure to download an attachment from a multimedia message, you can simply pick the above solution and resolve your issue. I would like to hear your opinion regarding multimedia messages errors.

Do not forget to drop your favorite solution in the comment section.


Why Can’t I Download Attachments From Multimedia Messages?

There are plenty of reasons that can be affecting your MMS downloading. The reasons include full storage, problem in android settings, cache troubles, etc.

Why Am I Getting an MMS Attachment Error Message in WhatsApp?

The error while MMS downloading shows that something is wrong with your device. You can fix the error with one of the methods I have shared in my article.

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