How to Check iPhone Warranty Status?


An iPhone costs a lot of money. No matter what model you have, your iPhone is a big part of your life. Keep it safe. Now is a good time to find out if your iPhone is still under warranty. Find out how to see if your iPhone is still under warranty, why it’s important to do so, and how to extend your warranty for extra peace of mind.

Why Check iPhone Warranty Status?

You should always check the status of your iPhone’s warranty. It’s a responsible thing to do as an iPhone owner. Let’s start by talking about how often you should do this:

  • Repairs: If your iPhone is still under warranty, you may be able to get it fixed for little or no cost. This will save you money if something goes wrong.
  • More information about the coverage: Being clear on what your warranty covers can be very helpful. Now that you know this, Apple should be able to fix your phone for free.
  • Value to Sell: If you ever decide to sell your iPhone, people will probably be more interested if they see that the warranty is still good. It makes your iPhone worth more.
  • Greater Safety: You should know when your warranty ends if you want to make it last longer for extra safety.

Methods to Check iPhone Warranty Status

Method 1. Apple’s Official Website

This website from Apple can help you find out if your iPhone is still under warranty. Do it one step at a time:

  • Go to Apple’s site: Start by going to the Apple site.
  • Look at the “Check Coverage” page: Find the page on the site that says “Check Coverage” and go there.
  • Type in the serial number of your iPhone: You will need to type in your iPhone’s unique serial number in that field.
  • Do what you want and click “Continue”: Once you’ve found the serial number, click “Continue.” This will let you know what your warranty covers and how your warranty is going.

How to Check iPhone Warranty Status

Method 2. Using the Settings App

You can also use that app on your iPhone to see if your warranty is still valid. Things to do:

  • To get to it, open the “Settings” app from the home screen of your iPhone.
  • In the list of options, tap “General” at the very bottom to get to “General.”
  • The “About” button is in the “General” section. Feel it.
  • Check the information given for “Limited Warranty” or “AppleCare Coverage.”
  • When you click on “Warranty,” you can see how your warranty is going and when it ends.

How to Check iPhone Warranty Status

Method 3. Check via iTunes

Follow these steps in iTunes to see if your iPhone is still under warranty:

  • You need to use a USB cable to connect your iPhone to your computer before you can connect to iTunes.
  • Apple Music: Open the Apple Music app on your computer.
  • Choose Your Gear: Find your iPhone in iTunes and choose it.
  • Get the Serial Number: In the section that lists your device, look for the “Serial Number.”
  • To get the serial number, go to Apple’s website and follow the steps in method A. After that, copy it and paste it on the “Check Coverage” page on Apple’s website.

Checking Warranty through the Apple Support App

The Apple Support app can also tell you if your iPhone is still under warranty. Things to do:

  • To get the Apple Support app, click here: Get the Apple Support app from the app store if you don’t already have it.
  • Sign In: Open the app and use your Apple ID to sign in.
  • Choose your gear: Find your signed-up iPhone in the app and tap on it.
  • Check Your Warranty: The app will let you know how your warranty is going, what parts it covers, and how to get help.

How to Check iPhone Warranty Status

How to Interpret Warranty Information?

Some things should be covered by your iPhone’s warranty. Most standard warranties cover problems with the hardware and the way the product was made. While it’s still under warranty, Apple will either fix it or give you a new one for free.

The standard warranty doesn’t cover everything, even though it looks like it does. A lot of the time, the warranty doesn’t cover damage from accidents, changes made without permission, or tech issues. If so, you might want to look into AppleCare+ or other longer-term warranty options.

Extending Your iPhone Warranty

What if your iPhone’s warranty is over, or if you just want to keep it safer? Then AppleCare+ is a good choice. This plan will not only make your warranty last longer, but it will also cover damage that you cause by accident. You should buy AppleCare+ within the first 60 days of getting your iPhone.


First, make sure that your iPhone is still under warranty. This will help it work well and last a long time. You can use the information to figure out what to do next with your iPhone. Check on your warranty right away to make sure your money is safe before you wait. To read more content like this, visit

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

I bought my iPhone a while ago. Does it still come with a warranty?

The only way to check if your iPhone is still under warranty is with its serial number. That number is unique to you.

Would you like to pay for AppleCare+?

What you need AppleCare+ for and how you use your iPhone will determine how useful it is for you. It might be a good idea to buy it if you want to shield your things from harm more often.

How can I tell if the warranty on a used iPhone is still good?

Thanks for reading! These steps will help you see if a used iPhone is still under warranty. So, you will need the device’s serial number, which the seller should give you.

What should I do if my iPhone’s warranty is up and it needs to be fixed?

If your iPhone is out of warranty, Apple will still fix it, but it will cost you. Sometimes, a third party can fix things for less money, so that’s something else you should think about.

How long does the warranty last after you buy an iPhone?

There is a warranty on most iPhones that lasts for one year from the date they were bought. Protect it even more with AppleCare+, and you’ll have peace of mind. It will last longer too.

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