Do You Know How to Fax From Printer Very Quickly?

How to fax from Printer? If we talk about fax devices then we can say as a device of past. And even some people don’t know how to use that. 

But it is still used because it is one of the basic need of today’s business, agencies or professional world. It helps them to complete very important communication .

How to Fax From Printer

Well! We have certain easier methods to send and receive faxes. Even you do not have to go to the office also to fetch the fax devices for the purpose. A good news for you is that you just have to use your own devices around you to fax a document. Need not to get any other from outside. 

If the printer has fax capability. But you need the following if you want to use the printer.

  • A printer having fax capability
  • Facility of a landline phone line
  • Document required to fax.

Now let us check  how can you fax but before that check your printer for the capabilities.

How to Fax From Printer (1)

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Does Your Printer Have Fax Capability ?

There are printers having multifunction capabilities and even the fax capability too but those which are not having it can get it added.

You can easily detect the fax button present on your printer which indicates that it has fax capability. 

The next method for that is by a telephone jack (or two) present on the printer. A telephone jack tells that the printer can connect to a phone line and used as a fax machine without any problems.

One more method is to check the product information. There are some high level multifunction printers having a fax kit with it that can be added to give fax capabilities to the Device. If you want the kit then fetch your local office machinery supplier to know if a fax kit can be attached to your multifunction printer.

There are ways to send a fax with a document. Here in this article we are also going to discuss some of them. Just have a look to know about it.

1) How to Send a Fax With the Feeder

Now by checking your printer for the fax capabilities ,if it is already there then fine otherwise ask for the fax kit from the machine supplier for the fax kit as mentioned above. As you got the capability now ,so you just have to make it on and use your printer as a regular fax machine with the following steps:

  • Keep your document in the feeder,
  • Then dial your recipient’s number,
  • Tap on the send button

By the steps you had sent the fax and it will be received soon because your printer is in connection to the receiving fax machine. Now the time duration taken by the fax to reach at the destination depends on the printer because  it makes a connection with a receiving fax machine. Its not just in air but you will get a proof with all the details related to that. 

How to Fax From Printer

 2) How to Send a Fax With a Print Driver

Not only the feeder but your printer is also  very smart along with the printer driver to perform the same task .

We know that different machines function differently but at last our aim is to print the document that you want to fax. For this you have to switch to the  print dialogue box then you have to select option a fax  which is listed in the printer driver list .After that fill the  fax number of your recipient and select SendNow after that your recipient will get the faxed document soon on the given number . May be the printer driver of normal printers already have this option .

3) Is It Possible to Fax From My Printer Without a Phone Line?

In this case when you want to send a fax from a normal printer, you have to get connected to a phone line because your machine required a fax number to be provided. 

Even there are few latest printers who permit you to send and receive faxes without wires or wirelessly via a digital path. So you printer must have a wireless network card to perform the task of faxing document.

 Now check whether your computer and printer are connected in the same network  or not. If you want to send fax wirelessly. You are fortunate to have all the facilities in your surroundings. So you just have to do the settings for the first time and your smart printer will. Keep the network settings data safe for the future settings.

How to Fax From Printer

Now the Question Comes in Mind That What Are the Steps to  Send Fax? Its Here:

  1. Do the settings of  a document in the tray  correctly so that it will be easy to find  on the receiving end.
  2. Select the fax setting and fillr your recipient’s number,
  3. Tap on start  and then  the printer will scan the document and send it via the network.

I tried my best to provide you with a piece of detailed information about How to fax from printer. If you want to share something related with us and our 1lakh followers, feel free to share with us in the comment section. Also, if you have any queries you can ask us in the comment section below

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