How to Find a Lost Phone in Your House that is Off

This article is very much applicable and beneficial to those who have lost their phone somewhere outside or if you believe your mobile device is possibly stolen. But there may sometimes come a less severe situation where the device is right around you, but you can’t see it, or maybe your younger siblings used it till it went off due to battery drain. Or kids at your home played with it and left it somewhere they can’t recall. We have got all these scenarios covered and beyond in this article.

Both iPhone and Android can be located while mobile devices are turned off, so don’t go anywhere else as we have got it all covered for you in a single place!

How to find a lost iPhone

Before jumping to the “switch off” mobile devices, let’s cover a basic scenario where you won’t need expertise and just a few clicks.

One of the easiest and yet one of the best ways to find your lost iPhone is by using the “Find my iPhone” tool. All you need to do is, go to iCloud and log in using the same account that’s logged in to your iPhone at the time when the device went missing. Once you’re logged in to your Apple ID, go to “All Devices” and select your lost iPhone device from the list.

Once done, you will see your device location in the Maps app. You can now reach the mobile phone just like any other destination on the Maps app.

How to find lost Android phone

You can find your lost Android device by using the Android Device Manager. All you need to do is, visit the Find My Device website on Google and log in using the same email ID used on the mobile device. In case more than one Android device is attached, you will need to select the correct device.

Once done, the location of the mobile phone will show up in Google Maps, just like iPhone. Once you’re close to the device, click on the “Play Sound” option. Doing this will make your phone ring right away, even if it’s on silent mode! Imagine how the thief will react or feel when this happens to them! It’s gonna be legendary, I believe!

  • But what if the thief has turned off the device? Or what if it’s at your home and the battery is dead? Let’s find out!

Can a switched off mobile phone be tracked?

Unfortunately, there is no technology introduced (as of September 2021) that can help in tracking a switched off the mobile phone. Neither Apple nor Android devices support this because it’s more like a hardware functionality (if ever introduced in future). And not something that can be triggered by logging in to your Apple ID/Google from another device.

However, you can still check the last location where your mobile phone was turned off using the steps mentioned above. If not in case of stealing, this will definitely help you when the device is misplaced rather than being stolen.

Apart from this, the iPhone also offers a feature called “Notify me when found”. As the name suggests, this will notify you right after your Apple iPhone is turned on again, which is helpful if a thief mistakenly turns it on at their home or at a mobile shop.

  • This option isn’t there on Android phones.

Ask your phone, “Where are you?” and it will revert!

Yes, it’s kinda funny, and it might also be a bit weird to shout that loud in a Metro or at a crowded place, but this might save your mobile phone from getting stolen secretly at a crowded place!

The same can be done if you have Alexa, but in case you don’t (many of you would not have Alexa, I suppose), then a FREE app can come in handy.

Go to the Google Play store and search for the Blare app. You just need to set it up and start using it right away. Once you’re done setting up a phrase for Biare, it will be on an ALWAYS LISTENING mode. And you just need to call out the phrase you set up, like a random phrase SAKJD JSDJS or an organised sentence “Phone, Where Are You?” and it will instantly start a loud sound even when on silent mode! You can also include a flashlight and vibration to make things better.

In case you’re concerned about the battery life of your device, don’t worry, as the developers have made sure it doesn’t take up too much of the resources or drain the battery. It’s a free app, but in order to remove ads, you need to pay just 99 cents, and you’re good to go!

iPhone owners, don’t be jealous as the iPhone also offers a similar app called Marco Polo. Except for the fact that you can’t set a custom phrase, you just need to shout MARCO, and mobile will revert POLO. Sounds funny but works indoors!

Wrapping Up

As discussed above, there is no such option (yet) to locate a switch-off device unless you have added an external tracking device to it. But we discussed several other methods that cover multiple threats and scenarios.

We keep posting such interesting information, if you have any queries or information to add up, please use our comment section.

Until the next one, stay safe and have a good one!

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