How To Fix Spotify Error Code 18 Unable To Install Download?


A lot of people who tried to use Spotify on a PC running Windows got, “18.” How can I fix it? There are several ways to fix Spotify problem code 18 in this post. A lot of people know Spotify as a place to play music and other media. It can be used on computers and phones that run Windows, macOS, Linux, IOS, or Android. This app makes it easy to play music and listen to it on your computer.

Methods To Fix Spotify Error Code 18

Many people who tried to set up the Spotify desktop app on Windows computers, on the other hand, got error number 18. In the alert message, it reads: The files Spotify needs to write to are already being used by something else, so it can’t run Spotify. First, make sure Spotify is open. If it is, try again.

1. Terminate Spotify-Related Background Processes

You know what to do when error code 18 tells you that other systems are using files. Spotify may still have services or jobs going in the background when you try to reinstall it after you’ve already done so. So, follow these steps to check for and end any jobs that are connected to Spotify:

  • If you want to get to Task Manager fast, press Ctrl+Shift+Esc here.
  • To get to that page, click on Processes.
  • Look for programs that say “Spotify” or have the software’s name on them.

Spotify error code 18 unable to install download

  • Pick out all the tasks that have to do with Spotify and click “End task.”
  • Once you’re done with everything else, open Spotify again.

2. Make Sure Steam is Closed

Some people who use Spotify say that stopping all of Steam’s processes fixed the error code 18. Make sure that Steam is not open on your PC before you try to run Spotify. Click on these links to make sure Steam is off for good:

  • Click on Steam in the menu if it’s not already open.
  • Get the menu for Steam.
  • To end the app, press “Exit.”
  • The Processes tab can be found in Task Manager.
  • Pick any linked Steam process that you can see in that tab, then press “End task.”
  • Then, get Spotify again while Steam is not running.

3. Delete the Spotify Data Folder

Some people have been able to fix error code 18 by getting rid of old Spotify files. This method works best if you already have Spotify set up. After that, you might need to get rid of any extra data that is causing error 18. Click on this link to get rid of the Spotify data folder:

  • Press Win + R to get to Run.
  • Type %AppData% where it says “Open for Run.”
  • When you click OK, File Explorer will open the Roaming area.
  • Right-click on the Spotify files folder and choose “Delete.”

Spotify error code 18 unable to install download

  • Pick ()Say it again if asked, and say “yes.”
  • You have to restart the computer to get rid of that folder.

4. Erase all Spotify Files in Explorer

You may also get error number 18 if you have Spotify files on your PC that are not in the data folder. Going through all of your Spotify files in File Explorer and getting rid of anything you didn’t need seemed to work for some people. How to get rid of Spotify files:

  • To get to File Explorer, press Win + E.
  • Click on This PC in the list on the left side of File Explorer.
  • After that, either click in Explorer’s search box or press Ctrl+F.
  • Type “Spotify” into the search box and press “Enter.”
  • Hold down the Ctrl key and click on all the Spotify files you find.
  • Right-click on the Spotify files you want to use to choose them.
  • The “Delete” button in Explorer’s menu bar.
  • To get to the Power and Restart options, press Start.

5. Uninstall Comodo Firewall and iTunes

Users have said that iTunes and Comodo Firewall can make it hard to run Spotify and lead to error 18. Do you happen to have either of those on your computer? If so, either get rid of Comodo Firewall or iTunes and then try to make Spotify work again.

Follow the steps to delete software in Windows 11 to get rid of those desktop apps. When you’re done getting rid of iTunes or Comodo Firewall, restart your PC. After that, try to open Spotify again. If this fix doesn’t work, you can then restart either iTunes or Comodo Firewall.

6. Perform a Clean Boot in Windows 11/10

Many times, error number 18 means that a service or app running in the background is stopping Spotify from downloading. When you clean-boot Windows 11 or 10, any third-party services or apps that start up right away will be erased. If so, it should be easy to set up Spotify. If you want to do a clean boot, you’ll need to stop any third-party apps and services that are running from the start.

Spotify error code 18 unable to install download

Task Manager and MSConfig can be used to get rid of starting apps and services. This is what our guide on how to do a clean boot shows you. After the clean boot, turn Windows back on and try to install Spotify again. This might fix error code 18. If it does work, you don’t need to find a service or app that is interfering because the download is broken. You can change how Windows 11 or 10 starts up back to how it was before you got Spotify.

7. Install Spotify in Safe Mode

Windows has a mode called “safe mode” that can help put things right. When the OS starts up, it only loads the most important tools, services, and files. It feels like you’re starting Windows all over again when you go into safe mode, but it’s not the same because it limits the drivers you can use. Error number 18 can happen when a third-party service or app doesn’t work with the main one. That mode could fix it.


Here are the steps you need to take to fix Spotify Error Code 18. You can restart your computer, change the rights, or download a new installer after following these steps. This should fix any startup problems and let you listen to your favorite music again. On some systems, things that might be wrong might work fine on others. Do not be afraid to ask Spotify for help.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Does getting the error code 18 every time you try to install Spotify always happen?

A lot of Spotify users get Error Code 18 when they try to open or download the app.

If I turn off my protection software, will my computer be less safe?

Not having security software running for a short time is safe if you need to fix something. Make sure to turn them back on when the job is done.

How often should I make OS changes?

Every so often, check to see if your operating system has changed and install any that you find. This makes sure that the newest apps, like Spotify, can use it.

When I call Spotify Support, what do I need to say?

How does your system work? Have you seen any error messages? What have you already tried to fix the problem? If they understand better, they can help you more.

Does it feel safe to get rid of the ProgramData and AppData files?

It’s safe to get rid of the “Spotify” folders in ProgramData and AppData. This helps get rid of any problems that may have been caused by earlier installations.

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