How To Fix Your PS4 Controller Yellow Light Of Death?


Since the Sony PlayStation 4 (PS4) came out, there are a lot more great games. People use this system to play games because it is so engaging, and it comes with lots of games and other fun things to do. Not only that, but the PS4 and its accessories can have technical problems too, just like any other machine. People who play Xbox games often have problems with the Yellow Light of Death (YLOD). You can learn a lot about this problem from this book. For most people, this is the cause, and the guide shows you how to fix it so your PS4 controller works again.

What is the PS4 Controller Yellow Light of Death?

When you try to connect the controller to the PS4, there will be no blue or white lights. There will instead be a yellow light that blinks. This is known as the PS4 Controller YLOD. This scary sight probably means that the controller can’t connect to the PS4 because of a problem. Let’s go on a trip to get all the answers and find out all the ways this problem could happen.

Common Causes of the PS4 Controller YLOD

  • Too Low of a Battery Level: A battery level that is too low could be dangerous and cause the YLOD. First, make sure your controller is fully charged.
  • Having trouble connecting: If the yellow light is on, the controller is having trouble connecting to the PS4. If something is making it hard to connect to a wifi network, you should find it and fix it.

How To Fix Your PS4 Controller Yellow Light Of Death?

  • Bad USB cord: The yellow light could be because you are trying to connect the laptop with a broken USB cord. Just use a different USB cable that works to fix it right away.
  • Too much old software: If the firmware on your PS4 controller is too old, it might not work with your gear. Both the controller and the PS4 need to have their software changed in important ways.

How To Fix Your PS4 Controller Yellow Light Of Death?

1. Make sure your device is charged. Connect your PS4 controller to a power source via USB to start solving the problem. Charge it for no more than an hour until you’re sure the plug and cord work.

2. Take a look at the power by going to the PS4’s Settings menu, then “Devices,” and finally “Controllers.” Check to see how much power the controller still has. Before you try to join again, fully charge the controller if it’s running low on power.

How To Fix Your PS4 Controller Yellow Light Of Death?

3. Try to get the remote to work again. Do this if you’re already connected wirelessly. To connect the controller to the PS4, press the PS button on it.

4. Reset the control. Find the “Reset” button on the back of the remote, right next to the L2 button. A pin might work to press the button slowly for a few seconds. After that, try to connect the remote again.

5. Change the USB cable. The USB link may be broken. First, try a different one. Check that the wire you choose can send data and is in good shape.

How To Fix Your PS4 Controller Yellow Light Of Death?

6. Make sure that the program on the controller is up to date. Use a USB cord to connect it to the PS4. You can change the settings on the PS4 in the “Devices” menu. Select “Update Firmware” to make sure that both the remote and the device have the newest software.

7. The seventh step is to try to get people to help you. Clear the area of any other electronics or wireless signals that could be blocking the controller’s link to the machine.

8. Look for Damage: Carefully look over the controller to see if any of its parts are broken or damaged. Check the sticks, buttons, and triggers to make sure they all work. If they don’t, fix them.


Don’t worry if the Yellow Light of Death appears on your PS4 controller. There are things you can do to fix the problem with your controller so you can play games again. Check for common problems like an old app, a dead battery, or a bad link. This will fix the YLOD so you can play PS4 games without any breaks.

Pay close attention to the steps given. You might want to call Sony’s customer service or hire a professional to take a closer look and fix the problem if it still holds true. For more updates, please bookmark our channel. You can also share it with your friends family or groups. If you have any queries, suggestions, or comments about our content or channel, please comment in the comment box below.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What’s wrong with my keyboard for PS4?

If the battery is low, the link is bad, or the USB cord is broken, your PS4 controller might not turn on. To fix your controller and find out what’s wrong with it, follow the steps in the above guide.

Can the YLOD PS4 controller be fixed at home?

If you follow the trial steps given, you can fix the PS4 Controller YLOD at home most of the time. For those who keep having issues, a professional may need to either fix it or get a new one.

Should I fix the controller myself?

You might not be able to protect the PS4 controller if you open it, and if you do it wrong, you could hurt it even more. If the steps for trying don’t work, Sony’s customer service or a skilled repair service might be able to help you.

What is going on when the controller on my PS4 stops working in the middle of a game?

A disconnect during a game could be caused by several things, such as router disturbance, a low battery, or software on the controller that is too old. As much as possible, make sure the remote is fully charged, the software is up to date, and there isn’t too much wifi interference.

Does connecting the PS4 Controller YLOD change how other settings work?

If you see the PS4 Controller Yellow Light of Death, it doesn’t mean that more than one controller is broken. Any other devices hooked up to the PS4 shouldn’t be affected by it. If more than one mouse won’t connect, though, it’s best to figure out what’s wrong and fix it by following some quick steps.

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