How To Move Supplies in Manor Lords?


Your medieval village in Manor Lords needs to be able to quickly and easily move and manage its goods if it wants to grow and be successful. To keep your people alive and your town moving forward, you need to make sure that supplies get quickly and easily from where they are made to where they are stored and distributed. As you read this guide, you’ll learn different ways to move goods around in Manor Lords. This will help you get the most out of your resources and grow your town.

Things and resources are moved from where they are made to where they can be saved or used in Manor Lords. This is called supply movement. It’s easier to do this if you hire workers, build transportation systems, and set up logistics systems to make it easier for supplies to move through your town.

How To Move Supplies in Manor Lords?

Some Burgage Plots may have trouble getting things like food and fuel as your city turns into a town, even if you have a lot of these things. This is because it takes too long for your goods to reach a market. They are likely being kept in a warehouse or granary instead of being given to your people.

This issue can be fixed with smart town planning. It is best to put the Market in the middle of the map, near a Storehouse and a Grub House. This is because people will need to go to storage units and get things to the market. The workers will spend less time traveling if the storage buildings are close to them.

Make sure that a lot of people work in the Granary and Storehouse as well. A lot of people are needed to get things to and from the Marketplace and sell them. Another tip is to not let people who are gathering resources set up booths. Instead, put people from your Storehouse and Granary to work at the market booths.

How To Move Supplies in Manor Lords

Employees who work in storage can get a bigger range of resources that can be sold, while employees who gather resources can only get resources from their own building. So that:

  • Take a worker who has a stall icon off the job, like in the Forager Hut.
  • Get a worker out of a storage building, in this case, the Granary.
  • If you move a worker to the storage box, that worker should get the stall. They should be moved to their new job.
  • After this, the gatherers’ stalls should have been taken down so they could focus on getting things.

As a general rule, your towns should be as close together as possible. Things will not have to be moved as far, and workers will not have to walk as far to get to and from work. Remember that the Trading Post is where you can get things you can’t make yourself if you’re having trouble getting enough food or clothes.

People’s lives are kept hidden in Manor Lords, which can make it hard to figure out how your town works. You may need to keep an eye on your workers to see what they do all day, or you may need to make sure that their Burgage Plots are close to where they work. Change how you plan your town over and over to see if you can make the best city possible.

Strategies for Efficient Supply Movement

You could try the following to make the flow of goods better in Manor Lords:

  • Centralized Storage: Put up centralized storage areas close to where the work is being done so that employees don’t have to carry things too far. Setting things aside in specific storage areas cuts down on waste and makes it faster to move things around.
  • Focusing on certain types of resources: Make output sites do only that. This will make it less important to move things over long distances. Resource hubs make it easy to move supplies around town. You can do this by putting together factories that do similar work.
  • Make sure that getting basic supplies like food, water, and building materials to your settlement is a top concern so that everything runs smoothly. A faster flow of important supplies can be achieved by assigning more people or cars to important tasks.

How To Move Supplies in Manor Lords

  • paths that work best: Plan and improve travel paths to cut down on travel times and traffic. Build supply lines that connect places where things are made, places where they are stored, and places where they are sent out by using waterways and roads.
  • Automation: If you want to automate tasks that have to do with moving goods, you should look into and buy automation technologies or advanced transportation systems. Automating tasks reduces the amount of work that needs to be done by hand and improves the general efficiency of managing supplies.

Challenges and Considerations

It can be hard to move things in Manor Lords, no matter how hard you try. Remember these things:

  • Terrain and Obstacles: You’ll have to get through rough terrain, such as forests, mountains, and rivers, which could make it hard to move goods. Here are some ways to get around these issues: Change your roads and facilities.
  • Weather, crop harvests, and the supply of resources can change with the seasons. When planning how to move supplies, you should keep these changes in mind. Because demand and output change with the seasons, you may need to change how you plan to get around and how you use your resources.
  • Resource Scarcity: If there aren’t enough resources, you can deal with them by implementing rules about conservation, rationing, or other ways to get resources. Spread out the resources you use and keep backups in a smart place to lessen the impact of supply issues.
  • For your supply lines and transportation networks to be safe from security risks like enemy incursions and bandit raids, you need to keep them secure. To keep important supply lines from being cut off or stolen, put up guards, stops, and stronger weak spots.


It’s important to be able to move goods quickly and easily in Manor Lords so that your town can stay open and grow. The better you know the different ways, strategies, and issues that come with moving supplies, the better you can take care of them and keep your medieval town running smoothly.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do I tell workers in Manor Lords to move supplies?

In Manor Lords, you can tell workers to move supplies by selecting the resources or things you need to move and picking a place to store them or make them. If workers are free and close to where they are meant to be, their jobs will be done for them automatically.

Can I set Manor Lords to move goods on its own?

Manor Lords doesn’t directly automate the movement of goods, but you can look into and buy technologies or upgrades that make it easier to move things, such as better roads, faster cars, or more advanced systems for managing logistics.

How can I make sure that my town doesn’t have supply issues or holds up?

To keep from running out of important resources or getting stuck in traffic, make sure there are enough stocks on hand, plan good transportation routes, and keep a close eye on how fast things are being made and used. Needs can change quickly, so you might have to change how resources are used and the order of output goals.

What should I do if thieves or enemies are always trying to get to my supply routes?

If your supply routes are open to security risks, you should bolster defenses along important transportation routes, station guards in key areas, and improve key points to keep the enemy out. To be safer, you might also want to set up different supply lines or make deals with settlements close to joining forces.

What can I do to make it easier for goods to travel between Manor Lords’ towns?

Spend money on transportation hubs like roads, bridges, and ports to make it easier for things to move between towns. Talk about trade agreements and set up trade routes. Also, make sure there are good distribution networks in place to make it easy for resources and things to move between sets.

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