How to pair Mpow headphones with your device

If you have used Mpow headphones, you know how perfect they are. From proper noise cancellation to long-term battery life, everything is just on point. But connecting these Bluetooth headphones to your device might be tricky sometimes. You may have to try a few times to sync your Bluetooth earphone correctly with your device.

Well, to avoid this trial and error multiple times, you can pair it at once, if you know the correct technique. To know about that, read about how you can pair your Mpow headphones to your device.

Pair Mpow headphones with smartphones

Your MPOW headphones are easier to connect than any other Bluetooth earphone. But you need to follow some simple steps to connect your headphones to your device. But before that, there are some points that you must check.

  • Your MPOW headphones and Smartphone or PC have sufficient charge.
  • Both devices should be placed under Bluetooth range.

If you have checked both options, now you’re good to go with pairing your headphones with your device.

Turn on the pairing mode in your Mpow headphones

If it’s your first time pairing headphones with a device, simply turn it on by holding down the power button for three seconds; as soon as “Power on” is heard, the “pairing” message will appear.

If you want to activate pairing mode while your headphones are already paired and connected to another device. You can hear the “pairing” message by pressing and holding the power button for 7 seconds.

Turn on your Smartphone’s Bluetooth

After turning on the Bluetooth in your smartphone, ensure that you have put your device in discovery mode.

Select the “Pair new device” option in the Settings

As soon as you press the button, wait a while. Your MPOW headset ought to be on the list after the search is complete.

Select your Mpow headset

The model number of your headset will be the thing’s name. If a pop-up appears, click the PAIR button.

Your Headphone is paired!

As soon as your smartphone connects, you will hear the notification “connected.”

NOTE: If you attempt to pair your headphones when they are already linked to another device, you will get the message “can’t communicate.”

Pair Mpow headphones with Laptop

You can also pair your MPOW headphone with your Windows and Macbook. To pair with Windows, follow the simple steps.

  • You must first activate your Bluetooth and place your headphones in pair mode.
  • Go to settings on your Windows computer or laptop to enable Bluetooth.
  • Go to Devices and activate Bluetooth.
  • You must select “Add Bluetooth or Other devices” if MPOW headphones are the first to link with this device.
  • Toggle Bluetooth on.
  • You can now add “MPOW Headphones” to your device list.
  • To connect your headphones to your Windows computer, simply tap.

For pairing up with Mac:

  • By simply pushing and holding the MPOW button for 5–6 seconds while waiting for the Red and Blue lights to flash alternately, MPOW headphones may be put into Bluetooth pairing mode.
  • Go to the Mac PC’s settings now.
  • Open the Bluetooth menu and select “On.”
  • Look for Bluetooth MPOW headphone visibility.
  • Simply click here to pair.

So, now you can enjoy your new MPOW headphones’ amazing sound quality with a proper base and noise cancellation technology. Enjoy your show or music with new MPOW Bluetooth headsets.

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Q. How do you put the MPOW in pairing mode?

Your MPOW headphones are easier to connect than any other Bluetooth earphone. About 5 seconds after pressing the “MPOW” button, the LED will start to flash red and blue. If they are not previously attached to a device, some MPOW speakers and headsets may immediately enter pairing mode when turned on and may just blink blue.

Q. Why are my MPOW headphones not connecting?

There can be multiple reasons why your MPOW headphones are not connecting. Your device can be away from the Bluetooth range of your headphone. There can be an interference of connections.

When the red and blue lights begin to alternately flash, make sure the headphones are off before pressing the button for about 4-5 seconds. On your smart device, go to settings and select Bluetooth. After receiving the Bluetooth choices, choose the MPOW-059 device.

Q. How do I reset my MPOW Bluetooth headset?

Here is how you can reset your MPOW Bluetooth headset.

  • Put your MPOW headphones in the charging box after turning them off.
  • Press the power button while holding it down.
  • Watch for the red and white lights to start blinking back and forth.
  • Repair your device by going to the Bluetooth settings on your device.
  • Watch for the Bluetooth blue light to start flashing.

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