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“Teams Meeting” is an important part for any team to get success by channelized propagation of the ideas and plans. Now as it may be important in future, by keeping the aspect in mind it’s important to record a team’s meeting. Recording can be in any form video, audio or screen sharing. Even it can be circulated among the higher authorities as per the requirement of that. Teams meeting Recording is also needed because after a set period it may get expired or be deleted from the media. Now here we have the facility to manage the expiry timings for the teams meeting but if you are an admin then only. Let’s see how to proceed in the same category:

How to Record a Teams Meeting?

There is always a restriction to different types of meetings even though. It is physical but you have to use virtual platforms to record it. Now while recording, video streaming captures hardly 3 to 4 people at a time.

In case any organization uses a streaming facility for recording the team’s meeting. One has to be updated that from 2021 it is recently not saved on Microsoft streams. But saved to one drive and shared points one also. As soon recording is over and it is saved, you can play and watch.

A very big benefit of recording teams meeting, the admin will get emails to inform via Microsoft Stream about the time the recording gets available. As an admin, you are allowed to set a policy rule for saving the teams meeting on Microsoft Streaming and you have to agree to those before the meeting starts.  

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Here You Are Ready to Start the Recording

  1. Start the meeting
  2. Move to the meeting controls and select More actions and then on start recording.
  3. As soon you start everybody for the meeting will get notified that the meeting or transcription has started. It’s up to you to have multiple recordings of the same meeting at the same time there as those recordings will be saved on the cloud and available to all participants to fetch.

As meeting participants have the facility of watching the transcription during the meeting via view live transcription.

Then you can stop meeting if done by the following options:

  • If chosen ‘Stop recording’, will stop the recording and live transcription.
  • If chosen ‘Stop transcription’, Stop only the live transcription but not the recording till you choose to stop recording.
  • Now you can choose to Find recordings. It can be there at different places as per the meetings.

After that, the recording is processed and saved to SharePoint in case of channel meetings and one drive in case of any other type of meetings. Now, you can see the recording meeting chat for channels conversations and others if shred then only can visualize it means the external people.

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Who Is Going to Start or Stop a Recording? To start or stop the recording of the meeting, one must satisfy the criteria to do so in case the admin is absent. Must have recording enabled by the admin.

That person should have one of the listed licenses: Office 365 Enterprise E1, M365 Business, E3, Business Premium, E5, A1, A3, A5, or Business Essentials, F3.

Should not be outside or guest only the authority holder can start, stop or organize the meeting.

Meeting recording goes on even if the substitute person who started the recording has left the meeting afterwards. There The recording stops automatically once everyone leaves the meeting. But managing the expiration of a meeting recording is another important aspect to keep in mind as an organizer for that.

Then Open the details pane to view or change the expiration date for the recording. You can find several ways to choose as per your need. Press on the recording to open it in your browser window. After it gets open, Choose the upper right side to open the details pane further. From the details pane, check for the Expiration date as per the settings. Use the dropdown list to see your options for changing the date for expiry. You can extend the date from the calendar choice or the number of days from there. Now if you don’t want it to be deleted at all then select No expiration for that. 

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Do not worry if the message showing that your recording is set to expire will exist on the recording in the chat even if you delete or change the expiration date because if you have selected No expiration, it won’t expire further. Even for the expiry owner gets the reminder via email 90 days recovery period is also given for the same.

Note: For more information, see the Microsoft Privacy Statement for the rules to start meeting recording.

Then it comes to Troubleshoot recordings if any problem persists.

It happens If you got problems in recording a meeting, you want the help of an IT admin to work through them. Remember.

So, we have seen Microsoft Teams has become invaluable to many businesses over the past period of a decade or more. As per the facility of video conferencing and collaboration tool, it has enabled colleagues and clients to continue communicating with one another even when they have been unable to meet in person physically. 

Hope the article solved your queries. Do comment for the upcoming articles with queries you have in mind.

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