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 How to Scan on iPhone: Sign a Document: Markup Scanned Document

How to Scan on iPhone: Sign a Document: Markup Scanned Document

How to scan on iPhone? Earlier we wanted a separate scanner to scan any document but now with the growing technology, it became not only easy but handy too. So as the scanning can be done via your iPhone, don’t you think it’s such an invention which not only save our time but the energy too to go to the shop and get it done and all?

Scanning via an iphone is one of the best features ever to make the work easier especially for the people who have to scan the documents daily as a part of their business or anything else. 

scan on iphone

But how to do so without any separate scanner. We are here to help you out with the steps for the purpose. 

How to Scan on iPhone? 

You can not only scan simple documents but also add signatures on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch via the Notes app.

scan on iphone

Steps to scan a document:

  1. Go to the Notes and select to open 
  2. Click on the Camera option and after press Scan Documents.
  3. Keep the document in the view range of the camera.
  4. There can be two situations either your device is in Auto mode and scans the document by default. But if it is not in that mode then manually you have to take the scan then press the Shutter option or anyone volume button and after that drag to fit the page and select Keep scan.

Now if you want to scan additional documents like sign a document, then go through that.

How Can I Sign a Document?

  • First, go to open the Notes and select the document present in the Note.
  • Now select the Share option button, and select Markup.
  • Then press the Add button and select Signature and complete it by adding a pre-saved. Or newly made signature. Then after balancing the signature size in the box place it where ever you want on the document. 
  • Then select Done.

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Can I scan a document on iPhone and iPad?

As we had used Notes app on iPhone or iPad before but only as simple document. With the help of instructions, you will be not only able to scan the document but mark it up and change it to Pdf as well as share it with the other apps too. So here we are:

  1. Go to the Notes app and open it on iPhone or iPad.
  2. Now for adding a document you can select the existing one or if you won’t create a new document instantly.
  3. Press the camera option below on the screen  
  4. Now select Scan Documents.
  5. After that make a list of the documents that you want to scan.
  6. Press the shutter option in case the scanner does not scan the document by itself. This must be repeated for every document in the list of yours to get scanned. 
  7. Then press Save as soon you did the scanning for all the required pages. Even though the option can have the counting of completer number of scanned pages 

scan on iphone

You can see the scanned pages on the Notes app directly. Now you can mark up also if you want. 

What Is The Way To Mark-up a Scanned Document on iPhone And iPad?

As soon you have done the scanning of the document, you are allowed to mark it up with the help of any of them by default mark up tools present in the notes app.

Now you will get the facility to move parts, cutouts, highlight, handwriting and even you can add a text box to write, any shape etc. 

  • Select the scanned documents in the notes.
  • Then select the share option from the top right corner.
  • Then press Markup. You can scroll down in the menu for this option.
  • Click the tool that you want to utilize.
  • Now select the colour picker to change the colour in case.
  • Then use and select + to add text, signature etc to your document.
  • After that Mark up the document.
  • Now select Done and come back to Note
  • Now the scanned document is going to mark up the changes that you had made.

Further, you can save the scanned document as PDF if you wish to do so.

scan on iphone

The process may continue here: 

The Notes app can help you to scan as well as save it to do it by itself but for this purpose, you have to save it in the File app . Select the scanned document.

  • Then select the share option at the top right side. 
  • Select the app on which you wish to save the PDF and follow the guidelines to save it there.

I tried my best to provide you with a piece of detailed information about the How to Set Up Fitbit Versa 2. If you want to share something related with us and our 1lakh followers, feel free to share with us in the comment section. Also, if you have any queries you can ask us in the comment section below


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