Nvidia Geforce GTX 650 TI Boost

Nvidia Geforce GTX 650 TI Boost

  • Aside from frolicking bunnies and chocolate-egg-induced sugar comas, the unexpected profusion of fresh GPU slews is a definite indicator that Spring has arrived. 
  • The underwhelming Radeon HD 7790 comes from AMD, but Nvidia responds with the new, better GTX 650 Ti Boost.
  • This Boost version uses the same GK 106 GPU as the normal GTX 650 Ti – and the GTX 660 – but has a considerably faster base clock. 
  • The original GTX 650 Ti had a modest clock speed of 928MHz, but its Boost version has a higher clock speed of 980MHz, with GPU Boost allowing it to exceed 1GHz in most games.
  • I wouldn’t be as excited about Nvidia’s new graphics card if it was just a question of overclocking the normal GK 106 GPU, but they’ve also taken the vital step of expanding the memory bus. 


Important Points to be Remember

  • Going from a miserly 128-bit to a 192-bit bus provides this latest generation of the GTX 650 Ti much-improved performance in-game, allowing Nvidia to finally deliver some true 1080p power down at the sub-$200/£150 pricing point.
  • They’ve also increased the RAM speed to the now-standard 6GHz that all of the best cards have. 
  • The standard design is fundamentally built on the same PCB as the more expensive GTX 660, with the same amount of ROPs and memory bus. 
  • This also implies you may SLI this GTX 650 Ti Boost, which was not possible with the previous architecture. 
  • That’s not a particularly appealing option, though: a pair of these cards would be only marginally less expensive than a single HD 7970 GHz Edition, and – I can’t emphasise this enough – you’re far better off spending your money on a better single card than attempting a notoriously unreliable multi-GPU setup.
  • Nonetheless, the GTX 650 Ti Boost is a fantastic card that offers a full 180 for AMD and Nvidia in terms of performance. AMD, formerly the king of affordable graphics cards, has replaced their superb HD 7850 1GB with the mediocre HD 7790 at the same price. 
  • That’s hardly the kind of revitalization we were looking for. Nvidia, on the other hand, has improved on the current hardware in almost every way and isn’t asking any more than the original GTX 650 Ti.


Nvidia Geforce GTX 650 TI Boost The Sources Features

The Nvidia has improved on existing chips in almost every area and isn’t asking any more than they did for the original GTX 650 Ti,” says the source.

  1. The only thorn in Nvidia’s side is that AMD’s HD 7870 XT – the Tahiti LE-based card – is only a few dollars more expensive but significantly more powerful. 
  2. However, if you stay in the sub-£150/$200 pricing range, the GTX 650 Ti Boost is currently the only option. It’s a no-brainer when compared to the similarly priced HD 7790, and it outperforms even the HD 7850 2GB card in my tests.
  3. The only area where AMD GPUs still have a little advantage is in the minimum frame rate scores. 
  4. Of course, this is perhaps just as essential as the average frame rate: when a game’s performance reaches its lowest point, you can definitely tell. 
  5. While the HD 7850 2GB has greater minimum frame rates across the board, the HD 7790 is on par with the GTX 650 Ti Boost in most cases. 
  6. When the Boost additionally has a better average FPS, it’s still the card I’d go with.
  7. With a solid 1080p card and some very smart, and very welcome, design upgrades, it’s a rare victory for Nvidia in this volume sector.

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Let Us See the Clock Speeds:

  1. Base Clock: 980 MHz
  2. Boost Clock: 1032 MHz
  3. Memory Clock: 1500 MHz 6 Gbps effective.


  1. The Memory Size: 2GB
  2. Memory Type: GDDR5
  3. Memory Bus: 192 bit
  4. Bandwidth: 144.2 GB/s

Graphic Features: 

  1. DirectX: 12
  2. OpenGL: 4.6
  3. OpenCL: 3.0
  4. Vulkan: 1.1
  5. Shader Model: 5.1
  6. Other Supported Technologies: 3D Vision, CUDA, Adaptive V Sync, FXAA, NVIDIA Surround, SLI
  7. Microsoft DirectX: 12 API
  8. Bus Support: PCI Express 3.0



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What Are the Requirements for Nvidia Geforce GTX 650 TI? Let Us See Them.

  1. 450 Watt or greater power supply with a minimum of 24 Amp on the +12 volt rail.
  2. One graphics slot on a PCI Express, PCI Express 2.0, or PCI Express 3.0 compatible motherboard.
  3. Windows 10 32-bit and 64-bit, Windows 8 32-bit and 64-bit, Windows 7 32-bit and 64-bit, Windows Vista 32-bit and 64-bit, and Windows XP 32-bit and 64-bit

Video Features::

  1. Up to four monitors can be used in a multi-monitor setup.
  2. 4096 × 2160 At 60 Hz is the maximum DP resolution.
  3. DVI resolution maximum: 2560 x 1600
  4. 4096 x 2160 At 24 Hz or 3840 x 2160 @ 30 Hz are the maximum HDMI resolutions.
  5. VGA resolution maximum: 2048 x 1536
  6. FXAA and TXAA are anti-aliasing technologies.
  7. HDMI: Yes
  8. Version 1.4a of HDMI

Connectors on the Outside

  1. 1 × 6-pin power connector 
  2. Audio input for HDMI: Yes

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