Decibel Pro App Review | How Does This Decibel Meter App Work

Overview of the Decibel Pro App

Hearing is a vital part of human health. Many people do not pay attention to possible hearing problems until it is too late. But hearing needs timely preventive care. Therefore, people should always control the noise level in those places they often visit. The reviewed decibel meter app is designed to help people deal with sound levels responsibly.

About Decibel Pro App

Decibel Pro App is an exclusive application created by prominent developer Vlad Polyanskiy specifically for people who desire to control all the surrounding noise. The app uses a precise Nor140 sound meter to detect sound levels everywhere. It allows calculating the levels of surrounding noise and sharing the results with other people. dB Meter will also warn you if there is a dangerous sound level for hearing.

How Does It Work

The app is easy to use. To start using it, a consumer ought to download the app from Google Play for smartphones operating on Android. If you are an owner of an Apple device, it is necessary to switch to the App Store to get the app for iOS gadgets. When the app is launched, the new user can start measuring noise levels both outdoor and indoor.

The app shows measurement results in decibels. There is a special scale that helps to determine whether a noise level is dangerous for health. dB Meter can display the following noise levels:

  • 20 dB – a person can hear a watch ticking
  • 30 dB – you can hear whispering in a 10-feet distance
  • 50 dB – quiet apartment atmosphere
  • 70 dB – the sound level of your iPhone ringtone
  • 100 dB – the noise level of a metro train
  • 110 dB – the sound level when a baby is screaming
  • 130 dB – the noise level of an aircraft engine at a 100-feet distance

Getting Started with the Decibel Pro App

Everyone aged 3+ years can start using dB Meter. The noise meter app can be utilized effortlessly even by people with scarce experience of using various apps. The navigation is very simple, and it is perfectly combined with an intuitive interface. The following should be done to use dB Meter:

  • Download dB Meter to your mobile device from the App Store or Google Play.
  • Install dB Meter with minimum system requirements and open it.
  • Add the necessary info if asked.
  • Start measuring noise levels right away.

Design & Interface

dB Meter is designed stylishly so that it is pleasant to use the app. For instance, it can be easily used by a child. An intuitive interface and soothing to the eye graphics combined with effortless navigation make dB Meter an ideal app for comfortable daily usage.

Reasons To Use A Sound Meter App

Using a dB Meter can, first of all, help to prevent any possible problems with hearing. People do not often pay attention to noise levels in everyday life. Many do not even realize how unexpected loud sounds can be dangerous to human health. Consequently, to avoid various situations when noise can be unsafe for your health, the top dB Meter should be installed.

This sound level meter app is widely used in many areas of human activity. Presently, it is extensively utilized across:

  • schools and universities
  • police
  • hospitals
  • cinema and music production
  • fire stations
  • space industry
  • factories and plants

Overall, dB Meter is an affordable software app for daily use in any sphere of human life where it is vital to control noise levels regularly.

Decibel Pro App Special Features

As the best decibel meter app on the market, this dB Meter comes with a bounty of useful features for the quality calculation of sound levels. The most helpful of them are:

  • Accurate results of measurements
  • Possibility to store, name, and export results of sound level calculation
  • Built-in Functional Spectrum Analyzer
  • The app supports dbc, dba, dbz, and dbb weighting types
  • Integrated logarithm and linear scales
  • Detecting min and max sound levels in dB for any chosen frequency
  • A wide range of additional functions in the app menu (spectrum analysis, the best hearing test, an option to create photos and videos, etc.)

Pros and Cons of the Application

The reviewed noise dosimeter has plenty of advantages for people who wish to take control over ambient noise levels. On the other hand, some disadvantages are also detected. Let us mention the key strong and weak points.

Pros of dB Meter:

  • Free decibel app for Android/iOS phones
  • Easy to install and launch
  • A wide range of options in the app menu
  • Convenient navigation and great design
  • Detects noise of up to 180 dB
  • Warns about excessive sound levels
  • Easy to access the history of sound measurements

Cons of dB Meter:

  • The paid subscription sometimes displays ads.
  • Android devices with versions lower than 4.4 are not supported.

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