How to Track a TextNow Number? Text Now Number Lookup 2023!


In this age of better information technology, people care a lot about their privacy. With the rise of apps and other ways to stay in touch, it’s not unusual to find secret or strange phone numbers.

TextNow is one of these sites. It gives people temporary phone numbers, making it hard to track them down or find out where they came from. But if you use the right method and tools, you can still track a TextNow number.

In this in-depth guide, we’ll look at different ways to track a TextNow number.

What is TextNow?

A well-known app that lets people talk is TextNow. It gives people fake phone numbers that they can use to call, text, and even check their voicemail from within the app. These fake numbers can be used by people who want to keep their privacy or who need temporary phone numbers.

How to Track a TextNow Number

But because TextNow uses temporary and fake phone numbers, it is harder to track these numbers than it is with regular phone numbers.

The Challenge of Tracking TextNow Numbers

TextNow numbers are virtual and only work for a short time, so it can be hard to keep track of them. Normal phone numbers are tied to SIM cards or trunk lines, but TextNow numbers are made by the app itself. It’s easy to change or get rid of a TextNow number. This makes it hard to figure out where a TextNow number came from using normal means.

How to Track a TextNow Number?

Finding a TextNow number can be hard, but there are ways to make it easy. It’s important to remember that these methods may or may not work, based on the situation and how much you know. Let’s look at a few of the most popular ways to find out who owns a TextNow number.

Step 1: Collect Information

Learn as much as you can about TextNow before you try to find a number. This means writing down the date and time of any calls or messages you get, as well as the content of the messages and any other information that could help you find the person. It will be easier to figure out where the TextNow number came from if you have more details.

Method 2: Talking to TextNow’s Customer Service

TextNow has a support team that can help you with many things, like getting a phone number. If you’ve been getting annoying or dangerous calls from a TextNow number, TextNow can help. Tell them everything you know about what’s going on and make sure they understand. The TextNow help team may be able to find out who is behind the TextNow number or do what needs to be done.

How to Track a TextNow Number

Method 3: Involving Legal Authorities

When the TextNow number is a serious danger to your safety or the safety of others, you may need to call the police. Talk to the police in your area and give them all the information and proof you have.

They will tell you the proper steps you need to take to start an investigation. It’s important to remember that this way should only be used when there is a real fear of safety or when someone is doing something wrong.

Method 4: Hiring a Professional Investigator

In some situations, hiring a private detective or skilled investigator can make it much easier to find a TextNow number. These experts have the knowledge and skills to use specific methods and tools to do a full study. But it’s important to think about how much this will cost since getting a professional detective can be very pricey.

Method 5: Online Reverse Phone Lookup Services

Online reverse phone lookup services are another choice that you might want to look into. These sites gather information that is open to the public and give information about a phone number.

How to Track a TextNow Number

Even though online reverse phone lookup services may not always give accurate results for TextNow numbers, they can still be a useful part of your total tracking strategy. Truecaller, Whitepages, Spy Dialer, and Intelius are some of the most well-known places to do a reverse phone check.

Method 6: Check Into Social Media

In today’s linked world, social media sites can be very helpful when you want to find a TextNow number. Use the TextNow number as a term and do a full search on large social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn.

Find any posts or accounts with that number in them. People often link their phone numbers to their social media sites, which could help you find out who is behind the TextNow number.

Method 7: Online Forums and Community Websites

TextNow numbers can be linked to places on the internet where people talk or look for information, like groups or community sites. Do a search using the TextNow number as a keyword on popular boards and community websites that are related to your interests or the kinds of messages you’ve been getting.

Check out important threads and conversations to see if any users talk about or mention the TextNow number. You might be able to find answers or hints with this method.

Method 8: Network Analysis

Network analysis looks at how people are linked to each other to find patterns or links between them. If you want to find out more about a TextNow number, you can look at who is connected to it. Ask people you know if they know the TextNow number as a starting point.

Then, broaden your search by getting in touch with people you know or who might know something useful. This method is based on getting people to talk to each other and work together to find clues and possibly figure out where the TextNow number came from.

Method 9: Data Forensics and Technical Expertise

You can look into more complicated ways to track a TextNow number if you know a lot about computers or have access to people who are good at data forensics. This could be done by looking at the information in the messages, the IP addresses, or by using other digital forensic tools.

How to Track a TextNow Number

Keep in mind that this method takes a deep understanding of digital systems and may need special tools or software. Think about asking professionals or experts in the field for help with this project.

Method 10: Public Records and Background Checks

In some situations, it could be good to look at public records or do background checks on people who are linked to the TextNow number.

Databases of public records, like those with information about land ownership, business licensing, or court records, could give hints about who owns the TextNow number or where they are. But it is important to know that there are laws and rules about how to look at and use public information.


TextNow numbers are virtual and only work for a short time, so it can be hard to find them. But if you use more than one of the ways in this detailed guide, you have a better chance of being able to track a TextNow number.

Remember to get as much information as you can, ask TextNow support for help, call the police if you need to, think about hiring professional investigators, use online reverse phone lookup services, use social media and online community platforms, use network analysis techniques, look into data forensics if you know how, and do public records searches or background checks when necessary.

Even though there’s no way to know for sure if you’ll be able to find the source of a TextNow number, using all of these methods together can greatly increase your chances of doing so. Safety should always come first, and you should be careful when talking to people you don’t know or who might be dangerous.

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