How to Use Llama 2, Meta’s Latest AI Model?


Meta AI showed off Llama 2, their newest and most advanced AI model. This high-tech bot is meant to work with a lot of cool apps, like Bing Chat and OpenAI’s ChatGPT. It’s also meant to sit on a shelf. Watch out for when we talk about how to use Llama 2. Llama 2 has learned a lot from all the different kinds of data that are out there for everyone to see.

Meta is sure that this new group of Llama models is much better than the first ones since they were trained in more ways. There’s a big jump ahead for chatbots with these changes. They’re a big step toward how AI will talk to people in the future.

After OpenAI released GPT, a lot of companies rushed to make their own powerful Generative Large Language Models. To make your own Generative AI, you may need to spend a lot of time and do a lot of research and trial and error.

Also, be very careful when choosing a dataset because it has a big impact on how well Large Language Models work. Last but not least, a lot of companies don’t have the computers they need to train these models. Right now, OpenAI, Google, and a few other companies are the only ones that can make these LLMs. Since LlaMA came out, Meta has finally joined the race.

What is Llama 2?

Model of AI that generates The full name for it is “Large Language Model Meta AI.” Many simple Large Language Models are made by Meta AI, a company owned by Meta (formerly Facebook). Meta told everyone about Llama in February 2023.

Meta made Llama available in four sizes, each based on the number of parameters: 7, 13, 33, and 65 billion parameters with a context length of 2k tokens. It’s meant to help people who study AI get better at what they do. Researchers who don’t have a lot of computer power can use the small 7B models to look at these models.

How to Use Llama 2, Meta’s Latest AI Model

OpenAI’s GPT and Google’s PaLM are the only LLM models that Meta is competing with right now. Meta believes that with little computing power, small models can be retrained or fine-tuned to get results that are on par with the best models in their fields. The LLM and LlaMa from Meta AI are not the same.

These models are open-source, which means that anyone can use them for free. Researchers were even able to use the LlaMA weights for free thanks to Meta AI.

It was released by Meta in July 2023. Level 1 of LlaMA isn’t as good as Level 2. This one comes in three sizes: 7B, 13B, and 70B. When it first came out, Hugging Face gave it the highest score. There is a new or changed model on this site that is better than the one from LlaMA 2. It works well for all three groups (7B, 13B, and 70B).

There were two quadrillion pretraining tokens used to train Llama 2. Everyone in Llama 2 has a 4k context length, which is twice as long as Llama 1. Lots of tests showed that new open-source models like Falcon and MPT did not do as well as Llama 2. Some of these tests were MMLU, TriviaQA, Natural Question, HumanEval, and others.

On Meta AI’s website, you can find the full list of benchmark scores. Llama 2 was also made better for use in chat, and more than a million annotations made by people were used to train it. On the Hugging Face sites, these chat models are easy to find and use.

You can find the source code for this project on GitHub. Otherwise, you may use the first weights, but you will need to give Meta AIs your name and email address to do so.

This link will take you to Meta AI. To get there, just click on it and enter your name, email address, and organization (student if you’re not working). To go on, scroll down and click on “Accept and Continue.” You will soon get a message telling you that you can get the model weights. This is what it will look like.

How to Use Llama 2, Meta’s Latest AI Model

You can use your model in two different ways now. There is a tricky way to download the model right away: follow the steps and click on the link in the email. This will only work if your GPU is strong. You can also use Google Colab and Hugging Face.

I’ll show you the simple method that anyone can use in this guide. First, we need to make an account for HuggingFace and an Inference API. After that, we can get into Google Coat. Next, we need to give the Meta AI website the email address you gave them. To do this, click here and go to the Llama 2 model in Hugging Face. After that, you’ll be checked out and see this.

How to Use LLAma 2 Chatbot Right Now?

Step 1: Visit the Demo Website

  • Right now, Meta’s Llama 2 can only be bought on Amazon Web Services and HuggingFace. This lesson will use the second one. Do these things.
  • To find it on the HuggingFace Llama 2 demo site, go to the Demo page and scroll all the way down.
  • To get to the home page, click on the word “this Space” next to “Demo.”

How to Use Llama 2, Meta’s Latest AI Model

Step 2: Enter Query and Get Response

  • Now the main chat box will show up. Type in your question and click “Submit” to get answers. The question could be something as simple as “Hello” or as complicated as an HTML code prompt.
  • It might take Llama 2 a minute to answer; it’s not the fastest right now. This is because as more people try, the load slowly goes up.
  • When Meta’s AI model is done coming up with ideas, an answer will show up.

They said that the Llama 2 LLM for sale is the big one because its brain has more than 70 billion parameters. This lets the model do a lot of things. For me, it was simple for the AI chatbot to answer. It could write code and talk to people. Plus Llama 2 says it can’t connect to the web. You can give it links and ask it to outline or talk about what they say.

It’s not perfect because it adds some things that aren’t in the article, but it got the job done. Any way you look at it, this new language model is still interesting. It makes me wonder how it might compare to other LLMs, open source or not.


We should remember that safety is the most important thing about Llama 2 as we enjoy the beginning. Meta’s promise to give correct results and stop abuse was one of the main ideas that went into making Llama 2. People who took the first LLMs, like GPT, were known to have problems with “hallucinations,” false information, and unfair points of view. Meta has done a lot to make sure these problems don’t happen.

This is easier for Llama 2 to handle now that Meta has taught it more about “truthfulness,” “toxicity,” and “bias.” Some people say that Llama 2 Chat can be honest and have more good intentions than the version that was already trained.

The number of generations that are poisonous drops to almost nothing for all Llama 2-Chat sizes. When all the models were looked at, this one had the least amount of harm. The fine-tuned Llama 2-Chat is better than Falcon and MPT at being toxic and telling the truth.

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