What Might be The iPhone 15 Launch Date in Canada?


Apple released the iPhone 14, iPhone 14, and iPhone 14 Pro in September 2022. But there have been reports about the iPhone 15 for a long time, even before the latest iPhones came out.

The iPhone 15 doesn’t come out for a few more months, but Apple has trouble keeping its iPhone range secret because it uses so many different providers, and some of them share information.

We expect to see two iPhone 15 models with 6.1-inch screens and two iPhone 15 models with 6.7-inch screens, which are the same sizes as the iPhone 14 versions. The one with a 6.1-inch screen will be called the “regular” iPhone 15, while the one with a 6.7-inch screen will be called an iPhone 15 “Plus.”

iphone 15 launch date in canada

The iPhones with 6.1-inch and 6.7-inch screens will be “Pro” models that have better specs and cost more. As with the iPhone 14, the iPhone 15 Pro units that cost more will have the best features.

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What are the Expected Features of iPhone 15?

About the same time each year, a new iPhone and a new version of the iPhone’s running system are released. The iPhone 15 will be out before iOS 17 comes out. Even though the order of the numbers is pretty clear, we don’t know anything about what this OS can do right now.

iphone 15 launch date in canada

Late 2023 is still a long way off, so keep an eye out for more information as the date gets near. We’ll add to this page any new information we find out from these stories and leaks.

What Might be the Apple iPhone 15 Pro Price in Canada 2023?

In Ontario, Toronto, and Montreal, Canada, the Apple iPhone 15 Pro is likely to start at $1,296. Apple iPhone 15 Pro Mobile, Black, with Apple A17 Bionic processor, Apple IOS 17, 4300mAh battery, 6.1-inch touchscreen, 12MP Quad back camera, and 12MP front-facing camera. The iPhone 15 Pro phones from Apple are lined up.

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What are the Rumors about the Specs and Components of the iPhone 15?

Even though this phone hasn’t come out yet, leakers and experts have given us some hints about what the iPhone 15 specs are likely to be. Apple quit using Touch ID in 2017 and started to use Face ID instead. But the iPhone 15 could make that different. If you follow news about Apple, you may have heard of Ming-Chi Kuo.

The source said that Touch ID will be built into the screen of the iPhone 2023. If this is true, and the iPhone 15 comes out in 2023, it’s safe to say that Touch ID will be back, and it will be built into the screen. Even an Apple-patented fingerprint reader that goes under the screen.

iphone 15 launch date in canada

Then, though, Kuo told a different story than the one he had just told. We won’t know how big the screen on the iPhone 15 is for a while, but Kuo says that in 2024, Apple will release a “real full-screen iPhone” and a line of phones with a front-facing camera and Face ID built into the screen.

The iPhone 15 line of 2023 could come in two sizes: the 6.1-inch iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Pro and the 6.7-inch iPhone 15 Max and iPhone 15 Pro Max, which could also be called the Ultra model. Ross Young thinks about what kinds of technology the next few iPhones will have. Most likely, the iPhone 15 won’t have a notch.

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Instead, it will look like the iPhone Pro 2022, with a “pill-and-hole” design. Dynamic Island, a feature of the iPhone 14 that got a lot of attention, is said to be coming to the iPhone 15, not just the iPhone Pro. Almost certainly, a USB-C iPhone will be another big change.

The European Commission said that smartphones should all have USB-C ports by the end of 2021. By the middle of 2022, they had made up their minds. From 2024 on, it will be needed by European law, so Apple will have to get rid of the Lightning cable that has always been on iPhones.

iphone 15 launch date in canada

Why iPhones with a USB-C port could make your life better. Unknownz21 shared a picture of the USB-C port that turned out to be a fake. It is also said that some of the drawings in Ice Universe are based on CAD models.

We’ve also heard that the technology under the screen has a camera that looks forward. This probably won’t come out until Apple gets under-display Face ID working perfectly. They might release both at the same time, but that might not happen until the iPhone 16.

One source says that one or more of the models will have a periscope lens with a 5–6x optical zoom and a 12MP photo. Jeff Pu, an analyst, thinks that one of the models will have a periscope camera that can zoom up to ten times.

One reliable source says it might not come to the iPhone 15 Pro, so this feature is probably only coming to the Pro Max. One Apple leaker says that the A16 chip will be in the iPhone 15 and the A17 chip will be in the iPhone 15 Pro.

iphone 15 launch date in canada

The same source says that Apple is working on 8K recording, which may only be offered on the most expensive model. We’ve also heard that the frames of the Pro version will be made of metal.

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Lastly, the iPhone 15 might be the first iPhone to get rid of all (or almost all) hardware buttons. Patents and books say this is what will happen. Apple could do this by adding a touchable layer to the edge of the device. People have said that how hard you push on this layer could change how it works.


Also, it seems like Apple will keep a big difference between the iPhone 15 and the iPhone 15 Pro. The iPhone 15 Pro and the iPhone 15 Pro Max should both have a powerful new 3nm A17 Bionic chip and a titanium frame. There might also be a new periscope zoom lens on the Pro Max.

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