iPhone 15 Release Date and Speculations: The Future of iPhones


Apple is making some big changes to the iPhone 15 family. Even though the new phones won’t come out until September 2023, leaks and rumors have already started to show some very interesting details about them.

The iPhone 15 series is expected to come out in about five months, around the middle of September 2023. It will have four models, just like the iPhone 14 series did before it. The iPhone 15 is the least expensive one, and its screen is 6.1 inches.

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The iPhone 15 Plus has a bigger screen (6.7 inches) and a bigger battery. The 6.1-inch iPhone 15 Pro has Pro features and a high price, and the big and powerful iPhone 15 Ultra is the last one. Yes, ultra! People say that Apple changed this model’s name from “Pro Max” to “Ultra” to show that it has bigger improvements, like its first periscope zoom camera.

Expected Release Date For iPhone 15

Apple has a strict schedule that hasn’t changed in years: new iPhones are always announced at the start or middle of September and come out a week and a half later. We expect Apple to stick to this plan for the iPhone 15 release date, so we can say that the official announcement will happen on Tuesday, September 12, 2023, and the iPhones will be in stores on Friday, September 22, 2023.

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How Much Price Can be Assumed For iPhone 15?

We already know a lot about the new features of the iPhone 15, but we don’t know anything about the prices. With inflation going the way it is, it would be hard to say in advance. Some sources have said that Apple will keep the prices of the regular models but raise the prices of the iPhone 15 Pro and 15 Ultra models, so this is one possibility.

If Apple keeps the same prices for the iPhone 15 line in the US, these are the starting prices for 128GB:

  • iPhone 15 — $799
  • iPhone 15 Plus — $899
  • iPhone 15 Pro — $999
  • iPhone 15 Pro Max — $1,099

What Features and Specs is the iPhone 15 Series Going to Provide?

You might think that all the devices that come out in 2023 will be the same because Dynamic Island changed the look of the iPhone 14 Pro models. On the other hand, some big new features might be coming. Apple says that the expected A17 Bionic could be the first chip to be made with TSMC’s new 3nm process.

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Apple will definitely release a new processor. Apple only put the new A16 Bionic chip in the iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max. It left the old chip in the cheaper models. We hope that all iPhone 15 models will use this. Apple might give the iPhone 15 series more RAM in 2023. TrendForce, a research firm, said in a report that “Apple will increase the capacity and specifications” of RAM on the iPhone 15 series.

Before that report came out, the company said that the iPhone 15 Pro’s memory could be increased to 8GB to match its new processor. The standard model and the Plus might not get this RAM upgrade, but they could still be upgraded to LPDDR5 RAM.

What About the USB-C?

Apple says that in order to provide USB-C, it needs to follow EU law, which means switching from its own Lighting port to a USB-C connector. The law won’t be enforced until 2024, but Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman and others think Apple might rip off the band-aid and add a USB-C port to the iPhone 15 series before then.

"iphone 15 release date"

If it turns out to be true, this will be a big change for Apple hardware. There are millions of Lightning cables that can’t be used with new iPhones. Like many other phone makers, Apple no longer ships its phones with a charging adapter. So, if you buy an iPhone 15, you’ll get a USB-C to USB-C cable, but you might still need to upgrade your brick.

Even Better Picture Quality

Apple adds something new to the cameras on its smartphones every year, whether it’s better hardware or smarter software. We think that Sony will release the newest and best image sensor for the main camera in 2023. (Maybe only available on the Pro models). It is called a “state-of-the-art” sensor.

Because it can take in more light and double the signal level of saturation in each pixel. A periscope zoom lens is an intriguing idea that could make the iPhone camera better than it has been in years. The rumor that Apple will finally choose a periscope lens with 5x or 6x optical zoom is more interesting. This might only be available on the iPhone 15 Pro Max/Ultra, though.

Curvy Design

Apple stopped making iPhones with curved edges with the iPhone 12. Instead, they went back to making iPhones with flat edges. The company might try something new with the iPhone 15 series and give at least one side of the device rounded edges.

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ShimpApplePro, a leaker, says that we may see a phone with a flat front and a curved back, like the iPhone 5C. This may seem like an odd way to design something, but it could be like the bottom of the newest MacBooks. Apple also likes to use design elements that look good with its other products.


We’re so used to Apple putting out a new smartphone every year that the iPhone 14 event was one of the most exciting we can remember in recent years. Even though the base model was almost the same as the last one, Apple gave us a Plus instead of a Mini, and the Pro models had a brand-new display with a “punch hole.” Apple calls the cutout in the screen and the software changes that go with it “Dynamic Island.”

This is the biggest change to the design of the iPhone in years. It made up for the fact that Apple’s other top-of-the-line phones didn’t have as many new features, so many people didn’t feel the need to upgrade just yet. Will the iPhone 15 series of 2023 be more than just a new look, and will that make more people want to switch?


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