Major Components of Microsoft Access Online

Microsoft Access Online is an application for designing, handling, and formatting data. Made by Microsoft, the Access application is distributed as part of the MS Office suite. Essential tools of Access include running queries, screens for data entry, producing reports, and other services. The programming language of Access is also important as it enables users to increase the application’s existing functionality.

Here are the 4 major components of Microsoft Access Online

Importing and Exporting

A component for importing current data to other files is the set of tools below the ‘External Data’ menu. One of these tools is named “Excel.” By selecting it, Access shows a wizard that assists the users through the process of transferring data from an Excel spreadsheet to an Access database. A related component is a toolset for exporting Access data to file formats that can be read by other applications like Excel, Word, Web browsers, PDFs, etc. Import and export tools are essential for work in teams that have data saved in several formats.

Data Entry Component

A standard way of inputting data into Access is manual entry. A crucial component of Access that users prefer for this task is the tool for designing tables. The navigation bar of Access is a component that lets users instantly click to choose tables they have designed and saved. The navigation bar also enables users to choose other objects, like reports and queries. Also, using Azure VDI Desktop as a Service can help increase productivity.


The Report Wizard is an Access component that builds a report from any chosen table or a different data source in one click. Users can select a table in the navigation bar, then click on the Report Wizard’s icon in the toolbar to run the wizard, which assists users for specifications for determining the report. Users can then work with a different set of Access components for customizing the appearance and function of the report. There would be a very limited view for the data in Access without reports.


The query grid is a component of Access that allows users to obtain data from tables they have designed. Access offers a list of tables from which users can select a table to query with the grid. Users can input the titles of the columns of the table into the grid. They can also input the requirements that data must match for Access to add it in the query results in the grid. The SQL element is a feature of Access that acts as an alternative to the query grid. The Query Wizard is an added component for getting data. When a user selects this feature, Access builds SQL reports based on user inputs in the screens of the wizards. Access users prefer this tool and the query grid for recovering their saved data.

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