Soon Your Mobile Devices Might Be Waterproof From The Inside Out With HzO

Have you ever dropped your phone or mp3 player in water?

It happened to me last last year at the Oktoberfest in Munich. After a couple of beers I dropped my HTC into my glass and it was done.

The frustration of a water-damaged device might soon be a thing of the past. The company HzO with their so-called WaterBlock nanotechnology can make any device waterproof from the inside out.

HzO developed a technique to put a coating of bonded molecules that seals the internal components of electronic devices. This means, that liquids can even get into a device without even damaging it. It doesn’t matter if it’s water, beer, coffee or other liquids, the coating keeps protecting it.

However, there is no DIY kit, nor can you simply send your phone or tablet to HzO to get it waterproofed. HzO intends to work with manufacturers only, so we need to wait for them to use this innovative technology in their smartphones, tablets and other gadgets.

  1. Nano State says Waterproof Nanotechnology DIY Kit for your phone & tablet, it’s a project start up on indigogo

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