How to Perform The Ritual Of Love in Soulstone Survivors?


In the Ritual of Love Game, the people who play are called Soulstone Survivors.
“Soulstone Survivors: The Ritual of Love” is an adventure game that has a little bit of romance in it.

This exciting game takes you on a trip with the Soulstone Survivors as they fight against the forces of darkness while performing an old love ritual. In this piece, we’ll look at the world of the game “Soulstone Survivors: The Ritual of Love” and tell you everything you need to know about it.

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The Storyline of Soulstone Survivors

The game tells the story of the Soulstone Survivors, a group of people picked by the Soulstone, a powerful object that holds the spirit of all life. The Survivors have to keep the Soulstone safe and use its power to keep the world in balance.

soulstone survivors ritual of love

When the game starts, you will be one of the Survivors who is getting ready to do the act of love. But just before the process starts, a bad group called the Shadow Legion attacks. They want to use the Soulstone’s power for bad things.

As a Survivor, you’ll have to use your skills and powers to fight the Shadow Legion and protect the Soulstone. As you do jobs in the game, you might also fall in love with or become friends with other characters.

Gameplay of Soulstone Survivors

“Soulstone Survivors: The Ritual of Love” has both role-playing and action. You’ll go to different places and talk to different people to find clues and move the game along.

As a Survivor, you’ll have a variety of powers and skills you can use to beat enemies and get around barriers. Some of these are fighting with tools, using magic that comes from the earth, and being sneaky.

soulstone survivors ritual of love

Building ties with other characters is also a unique way to get close to them in the game. These relationships can change the way the game goes and even give you access to special skills and goals.

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Soulstone Survivors is a short but deep Action RPG that combines deep RPG systems with Roguelite elements:

  • Find out about almost 150 different Active Skills, and the number is rising!
  • Unlock all 14 characters and play with them. Many more will be added in the future.
  • Test out the different Passive Skills and Runes to make your characters stand out;
  • Soulstones can be used to move up the Skill Tree;
  • Fight and beat bosses who are very strong;
  • Choose Curses that change the way the game is hard;
  • To make famous guns, you have to work very hard;
  • Dozens of achievements will make it possible to learn new skills;

How to Finish the Ritual of Love?

“Ritual of Love,” a new job for Soulstone Survivors, is easy to do. You need to go to Whispering Grove, where a heart is at the bottom left of where you start. If you break it, Cupid will come.

Now, all you have to do is destroy eight of Camor’s Pylons in one game. To do this, let Cupid shoot his arrows at the Pylons. Pylons are easy to find because they look like totems with hearts on them. Since there are three different awards, you can get them all at once by doing the job on Curse Intensity 34.

soulstone survivors ritual of love

So, if you finish the school, what are the three yearly skills you’ll learn? Heartbreak Orbs is the name of the first one. When used, this sends out three stars that move in a curved line, hit foes for 80 damage, and make them bleed. In 10 seconds, the bleeding state does 180 harm.

Camor’s Arrow is the second skill for the season. When you use it, you call down a big shot that hits all enemies in the area you choose for 3,000 damage. For two seconds, these foes are stunned, and the blood does 600 points of damage over 10 seconds.
Heartrending Strike is the last skill.

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This is an active skill that lets you slash enemies in the direction you’re looking, doing 220 damage right away and turning all of the enemy’s stacks of Bleed into Hemorrhage. Hemorrhage is a damage-over-ten-seconds debuff. Hemorrhage has a 40% chance of doing more damage each time the target moves one meter.

soulstone survivors ritual of love

Whispering Grove has more enemies than just Cupid. There are both new normal and elite enemies. With the new spawning system, you’ll run into different monsters on that map. This will keep things interesting as you try to get the awards.

Graphics and Sound in Soulstone Survivors

The pictures in “Soulstone Survivors: The Ritual of Love” are beautiful. Both the background and the characters are made with a lot of care. The story’s magical and mysterious themes go well with how bright and colorful the game is.

soulstone survivors ritual of love

It also has good sound design. The music is creepy and otherworldly, and it really draws you into the game’s world. Also, the voice acting is great. Actors who are good at what they do bring the roles to life.


“Soulstone Survivors: The Ritual of Love” is a great game to play if you like adventure games and role-playing games. This game will keep you busy for a long time because it has a cool story, different ways to play, and beautiful pictures and sounds.

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