Troubleshooting Steps For PUBG “Error Could Not Connect”!


Getting the annoying “Could Not Connect” error while playing PUBG can be annoying for gamers who want to join the battlegrounds online. This article tries to list all the best ways to fix and troubleshoot this connectivity problem so that gamers can have a fun and smooth time.

Common Causes of Connection Errors

You should find out what’s wrong if you keep getting PUBG connection errors. Your firewall or antivirus settings, a server going down, or even an old version of the game could be to blame.

1. Network Issues and Server Downtime

“Could Not Connect” errors are usually caused by a network that isn’t working right or a problem with the server. Before you start your resolution journey, go online and make sure it’s stable. You could use Wi-Fi or your phone’s data if you needed to. Also, keep an eye out for official PUBG messages that tell you how the servers are doing through official modes. You need to be very patient while you wait for the servers that are being maintained to come back online.

2. Firewall and Antivirus Settings

There are a lot of settings that can be hard to understand for firewalls and antivirus software. If they are too strict, PUBG might not be able to connect to the servers by accident. It would be smart to first turn these security features off for a short time to see if that’s what the problem is. Now we need to change these settings to see if the problem goes away by itself after this change. Our aim is to discover a good middle ground between strict safety and letting everyone play games.

3. Outdated Game Version

It could be hard to connect if you don’t know how important it is to have the most recent version of PUBG. Check for updates often and make sure you have the most recent version installed. The developers always want to make games better, so they don’t just add new features. They also work hard to fix problems that are already known about, like connection problems. So, playing an old version of PUBG makes it impossible to connect without any problems.

pubg error could not connect

Troubleshooting Steps

When you get the “Could Not Connect” error, you need to fix it in a planned and methodical way.

1. Restart Your Router

To start fixing the issue, you need to turn on your router slowly again. The power has to be turned off, left off for a moment, and then turned back on. This is a figure of speech for starting over. This well-thought-out move will fix any problems with your network and connect you to it again.

2. Clear DNS Cache and Switch to Google DNS

When you learn about computers, there’s a strange thing you should do: clear the DNS cache. Press the “i” key and “/flushdns” option in the command prompt to clear the cache. You might also want to use Google’s public DNS ( and This is a smart move that could fix all of your links and give you better DNS resolution.

pubg error could not connect

3. Verify Game Files

PC gamers need to keep their PUBG game files safe. It is possible to see the bad things that are in corrupted files by checking their integrity. These files are usually made by people who want to do harm without being seen. As a holy duty, clean up your gaming space so that connectivity issues don’t hurt it.

4. Check for Background Applications

Many times, programs that run in the background can sneakily use up your bandwidth if you pay close attention to your digital life. These digital pirates need to be stopped smartly so that everyone gets along and the gaming ecosystem stays healthy.

5. Disable VPN

There is a strange world out there called VPNs, and it might have something to do with how you connect to PUBG. For now, take off this virtual shroud and see if the connection problems get better. Remember to put this cyber-wardrobe back on after the resolution is over for your own safety.

pubg error could not connect

6. Contact PUBG Support

They are the only ones who can help you get out of the troubleshooting maze if it gets too hard to find your way. Talk to them about the mistake you saw and explain everything to them. This will make it possible for a personalized and useful intervention to happen. The last thing that can be done to reach a resolution is for everyone to work together.


To fix the “Could Not Connect” error in PUBG, you should also know what the most common reasons are, carefully check your network, and make sure your game settings are correct. Players can improve their chances of easily fixing connectivity problems by following the steps given. This lets them play PUBG’s intense and captivating world without any breaks.

You’re now better prepared to fight in the digital world without having to worry about getting disconnected. Enjoy your win! You can use the link to go into the cyberworld if you need more help or want to learn more. Now that you know what “Could Not Connect” means, you can fully enjoy the fun world of games again.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What’s wrong with my PUBG account?

Many things can lead to connections that aren’t stable, such as problems with the network, servers going down, or firewall and antivirus settings that are too strict. You can get back on track in PUBG and make the world more stable again by following these steps.

What can I do to tell if PUBG servers are asleep?

Anywhere PUBG is active, like on social media and the private parts of their website, messages are telling you how the servers are doing. Listen, if the servers go to sleep for a short time, you should wait for them to wake up again.

When I set up my firewall and antivirus software, it looks like a fortress that can’t be broken into. How will this change the way I play PUBG?

In fact, firewall and antivirus settings that look like they can’t be broken can accidentally stop PUBG from talking to its servers. During a tactical temporization, weapons are taken away, which makes way for a Golden Age of Connections. You’ll have to make these changes again after the break to make sure that the security bastions and the safe place to play games work well with each other.

So why should I keep my digital home up to date with PUBG updates?

You care a lot about making your games better because you update PUBG on your computer all the time. Like how alchemists change the elixir of youth by adding new features and fixing problems in the game world, like not being able to connect.

How long should I wait before I try to connect to PUBG again after my router comes back online?

Let the router sleep in the abyss of the ethereal after it has been physically turned off. Do not think about how to bring it back to life for at least one minute. The router may be able to fix the network problems that are making your digital life hard after this short break.

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