Verne: The Shape of Fantasy Review- How Is the Gameplay?


Jules Verne was without a question one of the greatest writers ever. He wrote some of the most important and well-known books ever because he liked science and thought life was good. A lot of us have changed the way we think about the world just by telling us to go out and find new things. He had a huge mind, and Gametopia’s Venre: The Shape of Fantasy is all about that.

The Gameplay Of Verne: The Shape of Fantasy

Author Jules Verne made up the story of his trip through the land of Hemera, which is told in this book. The “Nation” is a scary group of cruel rulers who are always looking for the famous Flame of Hephaestus from Atlantis. He goes on a trip to the Nautilus with Captain Nemo.

It is so strong that it made Atlantis rise and fall. It could change the course of history if the Nation got its hands on it. Are Verne and Nemo going to be able to get it back before their enemy does? Verne: The Shape of Fantasy has a great idea. But the idea behind it is much more interesting than what we see in the game.

Verne: The Shape of Fantasy Review

One thing I didn’t like about Verne: The Shape of Fantasy was how fast the story moved. There aren’t many “twists” or surprises along the way, and the story goes very slowly. It was also pretty clear how it ended. The facts about Verne’s life and work in real life were interesting, but they didn’t really add to the story. It’s too bad the story wasn’t more interesting because the idea was really cool.

When it comes to games, Verne: The Shape of Fantasy doesn’t work at all. The teasers made it look like the game would mostly be a puzzle game with some parts that would change the past and present.

But that’s not true. Verne: The Shape of Fantasy is mostly an adventure game where you click on things and solve puzzles. But there are a few very easy puzzles here and there. The Image is an old work of art from Atlantis that has the power to change history and Verne’s fate. This is how the parts that bend time look.

The Storyline Of Verne: The Shape of Fantasy

Assemble Entertainment put out Verne: The Shape of Fantasy, which was made by Gametopia. It’s about the author Jules Verne, who has changed into a scientist and lives in a different world in the 1800s. A fight against the totalitarian government called “The Nation” is being led by Captain Nemo.

Verne learns about the secrets of a long-lost Atlantean country and helps Captain Nemo find a weapon that will help end the war. As Verne uses the Atlantean objects, the story takes many turns that make him think about his stance on the war and whether he is still sane.

Verne: The Shape of Fantasy Review

It’s not easy to follow the story, even though it’s great. The “in medias res” opening is great and sets up a few plot points that help the smart Verne and the stubborn Captain Nemo grow as people. We’ve seen this kind of inner battle before in Verne’s stories, but that’s where the story goes from there. But players who don’t want to see the bigger picture or who haven’t seen problems like this in other media may find it hard to understand.

The Characters of Verne: The Shape of Fantasy

The characters stand out in the game because of how well they speak, though it is a bit strange. Verne’s voice-over gives him a sensible personality and makes him seem like the lesson of the story. But his accent is hard to place. He says he’s French, but it sounds like he’s trying to talk French in a British way.

The person who talks as Captain Nemo is the best. He is eager and not too angry when he meets Verne for the first time. But as time goes on, he gets more and more angry. The sounds help you tell the characters apart since most of their sprites and movements look pretty much the same.

Verne: The Shape of Fantasy Review

The story’s setting is the most important part. It was made with great care to make Verne’s image of Earth different from ours. A lot of interesting events have happened. Some things, like the continents, look like scary monsters, and you can read, see, or listen to more about the Nation and Nemo’s refusal to follow orders. When you think about how it fits in with Verne’s problems, even Atlantis and its magic work well.

They keep records of papers and talks, but they also keep “Verne Logs.” These talk about the different stories Jules Verne wrote, why he wrote them, and even some personal details about his life. The parts of the game that are based on Jules Verne are talked about and honored in these logs. People who don’t know much about the author can have fun with them and learn more about him.

Limitations Of Verne: The Shape of Fantasy

The worst thing about the show is the music in the background. There are big symphonic themes and soft tribal tunes in the game, but they don’t loop and aren’t used very often. There were times when I wasn’t sure when the level’s music started or ended. The surroundings look great, but the music for each level could have been better picked out.


It’s easy to play and understand. The A and D keys let you move around in a 2D space. To go up, press the W and S keys. To do something with some things, press the E key. You only need one hand to play. You have to do some things, but most of them are pretty simple.

Only a few of them need to be tried and tested. There are a few Quick Time Events and sneaky parts, but they are not common. Each level has both the main story and side activities that you can choose to do. Most of the time, these are easy “get” quests. The last important part is the IMAG. It is an item from Atlantis that lets Verne change some things about the real world with his mind.

There is only one right answer, even if there are two or three. The story parts of the game seem to be crammed in as quickly as possible. The gameplay is what gets you to the next part. It takes about five hours to finish, even if you do other things in the meantime.

Verne: The Shape of Fantasy does the famous stories from the book respect in a way that you don’t see in a lot of new movies. Other companies wanted to make a straight remake, but Gametopia wanted to make a new story based on the books. Fans of travelers, like those who like Jules Verne, will enjoy both the fan fiction and the game.

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