10 Ways to Induce Positive Emotions

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Living in the digital age, our emotions are increasingly depreciated. Every day on social networks we see hundreds and thousands of photos of people exposing their personal lives, showing only the “happy” side of it. At the same time, it is quite difficult to find really worthwhile content. It’s even harder to keep it.

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Why are emotions so important to us? Very simple! Positive people are happier than pessimists who see only the bad in everything. Positive thinking is a trait that can be developed. To do this, you need a little patience and willpower.

Here are 10 ways to evoke positive emotions:

1. Recall fond memories

Often you can find advice to portray a smile on your face. And to some extent, it really can work – even a fake smile can cheer you up, but there is a more effective way.

Think of something good. Recall a memory of some pleasant moment. You yourself will not notice how you begin to smile sincerely. This will give you a charge of positive emotions.

2. Let go of the past

Do you have events in your past that are constantly pulling you back? It’s time to get rid of them. Think about what’s bothering you for the last time. Make a promise to yourself never to return to negative memories.

You can conduct a small ceremony: write on paper a memory that worries you, and then burn the sheet. It may not help you forget about it forever, but it will definitely cheer you up.

3. Straight Talk

Talk to someone you trust completely. Start a topic that is especially important to you. Share some of your secrets. The feeling of complete trust is always accompanied by positive emotions. Perhaps your friend, relative or partner will also open up to you in something.

4. Eat something healthy

Food is also a source of positive emotions, the main thing is to use it correctly. Do not give preference to junk food. Instead, take something tasty but healthy: a fruit, a vegetable, a handful of nuts, or a muesli bar (preferably homemade).

5. Put Your Muscles to Work

Any manifestation of physical strength can have a positive effect on your mood. If you feel low on energy, try simply clenching your hand into a fist, tensing your biceps, crossing your arms over your chest and tensing them. If possible, do some exercise.

6. Change the habit

You can experience positive emotions by changing some of your habits. And changing normal habits can help you get rid of bad habits. To get rid of unwanted habits, you can start acting like you don’t have a regular routine at all:

• try unusual food;

• change the daily routine;

• visit a museum, theater, gallery;

• watch a movie that you don’t think you’ll like;

• change routes;

• go to different grocery stores.

7. Refresh the environment “under you”

Upholstered furniture creates the comfort that is needed to make you feel great. Rigid furniture, on the other hand, makes you tenser, which can worsen your mood.

If you still have an uncomfortable hard chair in your office or at home, change it to an easy chair. Every time you sit in it, think about how comfortable you are.

8. Use heat

From an early age, we associate heat with a sense of security, and cold with hostility and danger. And this remains true as we grow older. Have a cup of hot coffee or tea. This will be especially effective if the weather is not the best outside.

9. Find yourself among like-minded people

Nothing is more inspiring than connecting with people who share the same views as you and who pursue goals similar to yours. Perhaps you can visit a forum that brings together professionals in your field. Or you have a hobby that is shared by a huge number of people – find a group of people who develop together in this.

10. Change your posture

Your posture affects your emotional state. Make sure you don’t slouch. Keep your back straight, straighten your shoulders. If possible, lean back, look up, clasp your fingers behind your head, and open your chest.


Summing up, I would like to say that although the Internet really negatively affects the emotional feeling, however, you still have quite a few ways to evoke positive emotions and improve your mood. You just have to choose the one you like.

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