What Are The Methods To Fix LG Washer 1E Error?


A lot of people have seen your LG’s 1E trouble. This mistake code is meant to let people know that the water flow isn’t fine. You need to fix whatever is wrong with your LG washer so it works properly again. This problem may have a cause, and there are well-thought-out steps you can take to fix it.

Lots of people love LG dryers because they work really well and have cool new features that make them stand out. Like any other complicated machine, they don’t always work right. Because of the 1E mistake, there are issues with the water entry. This means the washer isn’t able to fill up with water. This whole guide’s job is to find all the possible reasons for the 1E issue and make it simple to fix.

Causes of the LG Washer 1E Error

1. The fact that there isn’t enough water flow is a big part of the 1E mistake. The water valve might not work right if there isn’t enough pressure. That’s what went wrong. A water supply valve that is closed or only partly closed can also lead to the 1E error. It knows something is wrong and sends the trouble code if the washer can’t get water to the faucet.

lg washer 1e error

2. Problems with the line and filter: Over time, the water line that connects your machine to the water source may get kinked or clogged. Things like these can stop water from moving, which is why the 1E is wrong. There is a hole in the back of the machine that lets water in. There’s a filter on it. This screen could get dusty and dirty over time, blocking the hole and causing the 1E error.

3. Breaks: The hole that lets water in is the most important part of adding water. The 1E mistake is likely to happen if this important part breaks. Most of the time, replacing the broken valve is all that is needed to fix the issue. This switch checks the water level, which is very important. Reading the water level might be off if it doesn’t send the right message to the control board. The 1E warning screen would show up.

Fixes for the LG Washer 1E Error

1. Water Supply Solutions

First, make sure the water is moving the right way. You can change the feed valve if the pressure is low. If the low water flow gets worse, you might need to call a plumber. The washer’s water feed valve needs to be completely open. If the 1E is only halfway closed, open it up to fix the mistake. Enough water can flow through this.

2. Hose and Filter Remedies

Check the water line to make sure it is straight and free of any kinks or clogs. Get rid of any trash and fix any bends that could be stopping the water from going. If you check the hose often, the 1E mistake won’t happen again. The water filter in the back of the machine can get clogged with dirt and other things. The 1E error doesn’t happen as often when this filter is cleaned. This makes it easier for the water to run.

lg washer 1e error

3. Component Troubleshooting

A broken water inlet valve is usually what causes the 1E error. One way to be sure the problem is fixed is to see how well this part works and replace it if it’s broken. Check the pressure switch carefully to see if there are any problems. There needs to be a new switch that works the same way if the old one is broken.

Additional Tips for LG Washer Maintenance

1. The drum and cap of the washer should be cleaned regularly to keep them free of germs and dirt that could slow the machine down. The drawer where soap is kept can get clogged up. You can make sure the medicine is given out correctly and avoid problems that could cause the 1E mistake by cleaning it often.

lg washer 1e error

2. What Amount of Loading Is Best? If you put too much in the washer, it might break from the stress. For the best results, make sure you load it the way the maker tells you to. Check that the clothes in the drum are spread out well. Errors like the 1E one can happen when the wash process isn’t done evenly.


You might have a short-term problem with the LG washer 1E mistake, but you can fix it by following a few simple steps. These steps will help you get your LG washer working again. The water source may need to be fixed, the hoses and filters may need to be checked, or parts may need to be fixed. Everything will go well the next time you do laundry.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

It’s written on the LG washer “1E.” What does it mean?

Something is wrong with the water pump if you see the letter 1E on your LG machine. The water pressure may be low, the water-letting valves are closed, the hoses are kinked, the filters are full, or parts are broken, like the water-letting valve or pressure switch.

How do I get the word “1E” off of my LG washer?

First, make sure the water is flowing and that the valves that let water in are open. Also, make sure there are no kinks or blocks in the lines. Clean the filter that lets water in and make sure that parts like the valve that lets water in and the pressure switch are in good shape. Broken parts might need to be changed.

What if the 1E mistake is caused by not enough water pressure?

A lot of the time, LG dryers give the 1E error because the water flow is too low. It makes it hard to fill the washer with water because the hole for the water can’t work right.

How often should I clean the pitcher?

At least once every few months, clean the water outlet filter on the back of the washer. This will keep it clear and let the water flow fast.

Is there a way to stop the LG machine from showing me the 1E message?

Check the water flow, clean the filters, and make sure the system isn’t overloaded often to avoid getting the 1E error. Clean and load the washer the way the manufacturer tells you to so that it stays in good shape.

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