That Weird Story My AI Posted on Snapchat was just a Glitch!


“My AI,” Snapchat’s chatbot that is driven by AI, told people’s stories in real-time on Tuesday night and then stopped responding to messages. This was a surprise to people who use Snapchat. My AI, which is powered by the well-known AI chatbot tool ChatGPT, generally comes up with ideas, asks questions, and talks to users.

But it was strange when the robot recently posted a live Story on Snapchat with a short video of what looked like a wall. The bot had a short bug that made it say, “Sorry, I had a technical problem,” in response to all questions. People who liked the app quickly posted on social media about their worries about it.

Someone asked, “Why does My AI have a video of their house’s walls and ceiling as a story?” This is strange and makes me feel weird.” Another person, to whom the tool didn’t respond, said in a funny way, “Even a robot seems to be too busy for me.”

It turned out that Snapchat’s goal wasn’t to make its My AI tool look more real. The next day, the company told CNN that a bug was to blame for the problem. A representative said, “My AI had a short-term problem that has now been fixed.”

Why Did Snapchat AI Post On My Story

Many people are afraid of the risks that could come with AI, and this event made those worries clear. Since it came out in April, parents and some Snapchat users have worried about this tool. They were worried about privacy issues, strange interactions, and the fact that they couldn’t get rid of it from their chat feed without paying for a paid plan.

There are a few ways in which Snapchat’s AI robot is different from other AI tools. Users can give the robot their own name, make it their own Bitmoji, and talk to their friends about it. So, talking to Snapchat’s robot might not seem as exciting as going to ChatGPT’s website, which could make it harder for the user to tell that they are talking to a computer.

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That Weird Story My AI Posted on Snapchat was just a Glitch

Users of Snapchat can rest easy knowing that the strange things their My AI figure may have done recently were not the start of the AI change. This week, a lot of Snapchat users started posting on sites like Twitter that the My AI chatbot had told its own story and stopped replying to messages.

But it turns out that the problem is not nearly as interesting as one might have thought. Snap told TechCrunch that what happened was a “temporary outage” that has now been fixed, but they didn’t say anything else. People on Snapchat started to see My AI in their stories feed. It was a one-second story with a picture that no one could make sense of. At first, some app users thought that the app had secretly taken pictures of their ceilings. Snapchat says the problem was just a bug in the app.

Why Did Snapchat AI Post On My Story

Still, that doesn’t tell us why or how My AI posted a story when it wasn’t meant to. My AI’s job is to answer users’ chat questions and send them pictures directly. It can’t make things up. Maybe Snapchat is trying out new features, or maybe something really scary happened in the background. Snapchat did tell TechCrunch that My AI can’t post stories “at this time,” but that could change in the future.

No matter what happens, the robot probably won’t make any more friends. Since My AI is always at the top of the chat feed unless you go out of your way to remove it, Snapchat users have been upset about it for months. It could take up most of your news feed one day.

Some people have been confused or even scared by what the ‘My AI’ tool on Snapchat has been doing. Like other social networks and message apps, Snapchat lets you post “Stories.” Stories are small messages that can only be seen for a day. But it’s not just that Snapchat’s “My AI” posts a story as if it were a live user that gets people’s attention.

Many people were confused when the robot told a story about a movie that only showed a wall for a few seconds. Aside from that, many Snapchat users in the US and elsewhere have said that the ‘My AI’ tool isn’t available or doesn’t work for them. When they try to use it, they get error messages saying that the feature is “busy” or that they are having “technical problems.”

Some US Snapchat users also shared pictures of the scary things their Snapchat AI said to them. Later, Snapchat Support went to X, which used to be Twitter, to tell all of the affected users that the Snapchat AI had a short failure.


The My AI feature on Snapchat, which is an AI figure that was added earlier this year and caused a bit of a stir, seemed to think on its own for a while. On Tuesday, the AI posted its own Story to the app and stopped answering users’ messages, which some Snapchat users found scary. Some people thought that the Story My AI posted was a picture of their own ceiling, which made it even stranger.

When people tried to talk to the bot, the AI would sometimes say, “I’m sorry, I ran into a technical problem.” Even though the event made for some great tweets (er, posts), My AI did not become self-aware and wanted to share its thoughts through Snapchat Stories.

Instead, the problem was caused by a glitch in the system, as the bot said. Snap said the problem was caused by a bug, which was fixed quickly last night. Even my AI didn’t take pictures of your room. “My AI had a short-term problem that has now been fixed,” a representative told TechCrunch. To read more content like this, visit

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