Exclusive Easter Bunny Rewards Revealed for OSRS 2023 Event!


During past Easter events in OSRS, players could find Easter eggs all over the game world, compete in egg-hunting contests, and win cosmetic items like bunny ears and baskets. There may also be challenges or activities that can only be done during Easter, as well as NPCs and conversations that can only be had during Easter. As the event gets closer, the developers are likely to share more details, so keep an eye on the official OSRS website and social media channels for news and updates.

OSRS Easter Event 2023

Old School RuneScape’s (OSRS) Easter event in 2023 is an annual event that usually happens around Easter. Even though the details of the event haven’t been released yet, it’s likely that there will be quests, minigames, and rewards with a holiday theme.

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The Gameplay of OSRS Easter Event 2023

During Easter events in the past, OSRS players could do things like collect eggs, hunt for eggs, and race eggs. Players often compete against other players or non-player characters in these kinds of games (NPCs).

Players can get cosmetic items, XP lamps, or more experience when they finish them. There might be minigames or quests that can only be done during Easter. In these quests and minigames, you often have to do things related to Easter, like save Easter bunnies or keep Easter eggs safe from thieves.

"easter event osrs 2023"

Players can get unique rewards and experience when they finish these quests or minigames. During the Easter event in OSRS, Easter-themed items and NPCs appear for a short time in the game world. This is something that makes this event unique. Special NPCs like the Easter Bunny or the Egg Launcher can be met by players.

These NPCs offer different tasks or rewards. They might also find Easter eggs or baskets that can be traded for prizes hidden in the woods. Overall, the Easter event in OSRS is a fun time for players to enjoy unique challenges, activities, and rewards that are only available during the holiday.

The Basic Storyline of OSRS Easter Event 2023

Most Easter stories don’t have a main storyline. It’s more of a way to have fun and get in the holiday spirit. The Easter Bunny has been very important in the past. He often shows up as a non-player character (NPC) who gives special quests or rewards.

Players may be asked to help the Easter Bunny do things like collect eggs, save bunnies, or beat up egg thieves. As players move through the event, they can earn unique cosmetic items and XP lamps that can help them advance in the game.

During the event, you might also see NPCs and items like the Egg Launcher or Easter Chicks that have something to do with Easter. These things add to the holiday spirit and give players the chance to do things and face challenges that are only possible during the holidays.

Even though the details of the Easter event in OSRS for 2023 haven’t been released yet, it’s likely that it will be similar to past events, with a focus on fun and festive gameplay rather than a complicated storyline.

What are the Characters in OSRS Easter event 2023? 

The Easter Bunny is a famous character who often shows up as a non-player character during the event (NPC). Players have been given different jobs by the Easter Bunny, like finding Easter eggs or saving bunnies.

During Easter events in OSRS, players have also seen the Egg Launcher, which is a non-player character that lets players throw eggs at targets, and Easter Chicks, which are small birds that players can collect and keep as pets.

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Even though the characters who will be at the Easter event in OSRS in 2023 haven’t been named, it’s likely that they will have something to do with Easter and make the event feel more festive. Players can talk to different NPCs, and if they finish their challenges or quests, they might get special rewards.

Walkthrough The Map of OSRS Easter Event 2023

Talk to the Easter Bunny east of the west bank of Varrock. He will say that his Easter egg mold is missing and that he thinks kids took it. The player will think it’s Gertrude’s kids and ask you to talk to her to make sure. Tell him you’ll help.

Go west to talk to Gertrude. She won’t know for sure if they took the egg mold, but she thinks they might have because she couldn’t find Easter eggs for her kids last year because fewer people were buying kittens. Then she tells you where her children are and tells you to talk to them.

"easter event osrs 2023"

Kanel and Philop are each in their own room in the house. Philop will tell you that after his brothers left, he played with Charlie the Tramp. Kanel will tell you things if you help him with his homework, which is to figure out what the numbers “8 1 16 16 25 | 5 1 19 20 5 18” mean. “HAPPY EASTER” is what you get when you put all of these letters together. When asked, you should answer with the space. He will then tell you that he heard Wilough and Shilop talking about “a colorful spade” while they were having dinner.

Shilop and Wilough are in Varrock Square, near where Baraek and Benny have their market stalls. Shilop will give you an Easter egg if you tell him where the mold is. He will ask you how to change “andri” into “drain,” which is the correct answer.

If you beat Wilough at “Egg, Silk, Scissors,” he’ll give you a hint. If you say “yes,” the game will start a cutscene. Wilough cheats at the game by making up reasons why his hand should win, so you always lose. Horvik tells you that you lost and wants to talk to you at his shop.

Horvik will tell you that Wilough cheats every time he plays the game with someone new. He will give you a huge bronze dagger that an old friend gave him so that you can use it against him to teach him a lesson.

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Ask Wilough to play again when you get back to him. This time, you’ll use his own tricks against him. You’ll pull out the big dagger and tell him it’s better than the egg, silk, and scissors. To get out of it, he will say that he put the egg somewhere near “the pub.”

OSRS Easter Event 2023 Play Guide


The Easter Bunny is back, and he still needs your help making eggs. Find the Easter Bunny’s Egg Mould in time to get the chocolate treats. This seems to happen every year. To start this year’s event, go to Varrock, where the Easter Bunny is hanging out between Varrock West Bank and Zaff’s Staff Shop.

Finding the Egg Mould won’t be easy at all. You’ll have to talk to all of Gertrude’s kids, and they aren’t the easiest people to deal with. They are so annoying that they wouldn’t even tell us where they put the egg mold, so you’re on your own. We can tell you, though, that you’ll get an egg-citing new hat and a scary new weapon as a reward for your hard work.

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