Say hello to Google’s amazing keyboard ‘Gboard’ for iOS

Just when you think that keyboards cannot get cooler, Google comes up with a surprise. Well, say hello to Gboard by Google. Sadly, it is exclusive to iOS at the moment, but we expect it to come to Android soon.

We know you must be thinking, what Gboard actually does? Gboard is a normal keyboard with cool add-ons. These add-ons include a dedicated Google button placed on the top left corner. And that button allows you to do a quick search within the keyboard. It will function in any app that you’re using at the moment. We think that it will make Google search easier as you can now perform searches right from the keyboard and also share search results within your conversations, right away. And yes, that will also save you from the pain of leaving the app for performing a search, voila! Take a look at the GIF below. gboard_gif_regularSearch

For example, when you and your friend are chatting on WhatsApp about going out for movies then you can just search for showtimes right from your keyboard. Also, Gboard allows you to search and share emojis, GIFs, and anything that Google offers. The Google button will make the search less painful and way easy.

Gboard for Android?

For Android users, we know that the iOS exclusivity factor is a bummer. And that’s what many Android users are questioning on Gboard listing on Product Hunt. In a reply to those questions, Bri Connelly, who works for the product at Google (as mentioned in front of the comment ID) said that they are “Working on the best way to bring the same functionality to Android right now!”

So yeah, it will be available on Android soon enough. However, there is no revelation about the set timeline. Meanwhile, for the readers who use iOS, let us know if you like Gboard. We would love to read your views in the comment below.

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