How to Change your Background on a Chromebook

Getting a new Chromebook is as exciting as customizing it as per your choice. And to customize it you can change its background wallpaper and make it feel like yours. It takes just a few minutes to transform your Chromebook background just the way you like it.

How to Change your Background on a Chromebook

So, let’s dive with me to change the Chromebook background…

How to Change the Background Image in Chrome?

Before everything, the image you want as your chrome wallpaper should be saved on your device. Whether it’s your personal image or you have downloaded Chromebook wallpapers, you need to save it on the same device.

So now you are ready with the image, let’s proceed further…

1) To change the desktop background, click on the circular launcher icon in the bottom-left corner of your screen.

2) Now, click on the up arrow to expand the window.

3) After that, find the files option and select it. 

4) In the files, click on downloads. Then, navigate to the image that you want as your Chromebook background.

5) Do the right-click on the picture and click on the set wallpaper option.

Ta-da! It’s done! You have successfully changed your background on the Chromebook.

How to Set Google Chrome Wallpapers in Chromebook?

If you want to go with the pre-installed wallpapers, let me tell you that it is an easier and faster option as compared with the custom one.

In order to change Google Chrome wallpapers follow the quick steps below:

1) On your desktop do the right-click.

2) Choose the option of set wallpaper.

3) Now, pick the image you like the most.

You have the option to check on the box of surprise me. This way your device will automatically pick a wallpaper for you.

4) Choosing the surprise me option will let the desktop background change by itself.

Your work is done here!

What’s your Chromebook wallpaper?

How to Change your Background on a Chromebook

I have shared the quick steps to help you know how to change your background on a Chromebook. 

Now, I would love to know what is your Chromebook wallpaper. Do you like to set by custom or do you love the default Google Chrome wallpapers?

Whatever is your choice, share in the comment box. 


Ho Do you Change your Background on the School Chromebook?

If you are using the school Chromebook that means your device is managed by someone else. Therefore, you cannot change the background on the school Chromebook without your administrator’s permission.

How do I change the Wallpaper on my Chromebook?

You can simply change your wallpaper on the Chromebook by clicking right it on the desktop and selecting the set wallpaper option.

Try to avoid wallpapers that will make it harder to see the desktop icons. 

How do I put a Picture on my Chromebook Desktop?

You need to make sure that you are not using low-quality images. As if you will put a picture on your Chromebook desktop that is low in quality, it will be stretched across the screen and look very distorted.

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