How to Download Pictures and Videos From Threads on Your iPhone?


There are many cool pictures and videos in Meta’s Threads app. It looks like a lot of people use it instead of X, which used to be called Twitter. People share videos of cute cats, beautiful scenery, and helpful phone features on their Threads accounts, among other things. Too bad Threads doesn’t have a way to save this to your iPhone already. It’s still not hard to do if you know how.

How to Download Photos and Videos From Threads on iPhone?

If a popular app doesn’t have a download button built-in, someone has probably made a useful shortcut that will work. They made it easy to get Threads from Routine-Hub. What it does:

  • On your iPhone, make sure the Apple Shortcuts app is there.
  • Set up the free apps a-Shell Mini and Scriptable.
  • If you haven’t already, open the Threads app and log in.
  • Find the fastest way to get Threads.

How to Download Pictures and Videos From Threads on Your iPhone

  • Long-press the paper airplane icon below any post in the Threads app. In the list of quick links, scroll down and click on Threads Download. You could also choose Copy, open the Shortcuts app, and then choose Download Threads.
  • It will run and ask for the OK to do things. All of these things can happen.
  • It will ask you if you want the file’s date to be the date it was posted or the date it is now. Also, it will ask you if you want to copy the caption to your desk. Pick the ones you like the most.

There you have it! The files you downloaded will be in your Photos library. A public account is the only one from which you can get media files.

To download from a private Threads account, use an iPad

An iPhone private account doesn’t let you get anything. But what was said above will work on an iPad. While on that device, the shortcut works for both public and private accounts. It also has the less strict desktop version of Threads.

To save a picture or video from Threads, it’s best to print it out or record the whole screen of your phone. As long as the Threads app is on your phone, you can record your screen and take pictures. Let’s figure it out.

Screenshot on iOS Device

  • Find the post whose picture you want to save in the Threads app.
  • If you tap on the picture, it will open in full screen.
  • To take a picture, press the side button and the volume up button at the same time.
  • Remember that to take a picture on an older iPhone with a home button, you need to press that button instead of the volume-up button.

How to Download Pictures and Videos From Threads on Your iPhone

Screen Record on iOS

If you press the “screen record” button in the Control Center, you can save a video from Threads to watch later. If you can’t record your screen, go to Settings on your iPhone and quickly change how the control center looks. Let’s see what needs to be done:

  • Find the post with the video in the Threads app.
  • Swipe down from the top right corner of the screen to get to Cone Center.
  • To record the video that is showing up on the screen, press the Screen Record button.

Long-press and Save Threads Photos on iOS

You don’t have to get another app to save photos on an iPhone; you can do it right from the Threads app on iOS. Things to do:

  • Go to the post in the Threads app on your iPhone.
  • Do not put the picture up.
  • You can see more options on the share sheet if you swipe up.
  • Save Image.
  • There will be a window. Press OK to save the picture in the Photos app.


People who send you photos and videos through the Messages app can be seen in the Photos app under “Shared with You.” Go to Settings > Messages > Shared with You and make sure your friend is in your list of contacts. This will let you send photos to that person for free.

Pics and videos shared in a Message conversation will be deleted from your library and shared with you when the conversation ends if you don’t save them. Go to Settings > Messages > Shared with You to turn it off. Then, with the green light on, turn off Photos.

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