Spotify Release a New Feature, Can Now Transcribe Podcasts While You Listen


At the moment, Spotify podcasts come with automatic transcripts that let users read along with the podcasts. A lot of podcast episodes will get that feature in the next few weeks, the company said. This new feature can be used by anyone with the Spotify app, whether they have paid for it or not. Just click on “read-along” below the player to get to it. After that, follow along in full screen.

In a blog post, the company that made the new feature said, “We’re adding auto-generated and time-synced transcripts to more creators and shows so you can read along with an episode.” It will be easier to read and see the transcripts now. Right now, this is the View. The transcript will be at the bottom of the page. Then, tap the card to read it in full screen while you watch TV.

“Tracks will be added to millions of episodes in the next few weeks.” Thanks for following along. We’ll be adding more features to this one soon, such as ways to add media to transcripts. All of this is being done to make the podcasts you listen to better. The service that streams music said.

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How to Use the Read Along Feature in Podcasts?

Leave your headphones at home and don’t bring them with you to work. You will be happy that at least: soon, Spotify will add a new feature that will make transcripts of podcasts and sync them with “millions” of episodes. You can read along with the sound or just listen without it.

You can interact with an episode whenever you want with this add-on. It also makes it easier to find podcasts on the platform. You can scroll and skip around without having to watch the whole show or guess where to begin. It’s great for when you can’t speak out loud.

Spotify Can Now Transcribe Podcasts While You Listen

In the “Now Playing” view, the “read along” card is shown. Just scroll down and tap on an episode to read along with it. The words will fill up the whole screen. The transcripts are timed to match the sound, so you’ll see the captions as they come in live.

Soon, people with both free and paid Spotify plans will be able to use the new transcription feature. You should be able to use it in a few weeks. Soon, podcasters will be able to add audio and video to transcripts as well. In this case, users will be able to see a picture and read about it.

As of today, Spotify is adding podcast chapters to its mobile app. From the “Now Playing” screen, all users will be able to see a full list of chapters. This is on top of the episodes that have already been typed up. You can read more about each episode and pick which part to listen to first as you scroll down.

There will also be more information on the show pages, like descriptions, pictures, and suggestions for new episodes. Uber will give all of its users, paid or not, podcast transcripts in a few weeks. They will have to work with “millions of episodes.”

Spotify Can Now Transcribe Podcasts While You Listen

This will be added to Spotify over time for everyone, paid or not. In a few weeks, you should be able to use it. Podcasters will soon be able to include pictures in their shows, so you can see what they’re talking about. Another change that Spotify is making will help people who listen to podcasts on their phones.

Everyone is getting a list of podcast episodes. After that, you can read about each part of the show and pick the one you want to watch first. Also, the pages for each podcast show are getting more information added to them. There are now pictures, facts about the show, and suggestions for other good episodes on these pages.


People who like to listen to podcasts on the go will love the new feature that Spotify has added. The company is adding a new feature called “Podcast Chapters” that will let mobile users quickly go to a certain part or topic in an episode. If users scroll down the “Now Playing View” pane, they can see a list of all the episodes in a podcast.

We haven’t been able to test it yet because it hasn’t gone live, but Spotify says it’s pretty easy. The “Now Playing View” is near the end of a podcast episode. You can see how the transcription works in this short clip. If you tap the preview’s upper right corner, the card will fill the whole screen. You can read and listen at the same time because it shows you what words are being said.

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