How to Download Spotify Songs with or without Premium on Mobile or Desktop 

You are songs, lover and love, to enjoy high-quality songs. Then, Spotify is really a good choice. That’s why you want to know how to download Spotify songs? Listening to songs can heal your pain and stress. On the other hand, allows you to enjoy yourself a lot. You can enjoy party songs, sad songs, happy moods or romantic moods too. Any mood you can enjoy just by listening to songs. 

Spotify is a platform, which allows you to enjoy your favourite songs online or offline or you can download them to take advantage of both. You will get access to high-quality songs here. 

You can download songs on MP3. MP3 works on recorded sound frequencies that are near or beyond the limit of human hearing. 

The purpose of this article is to share information about how to download songs with or without Premium on any device Mobile oR Desktop 

How to Download Spotify Songs

If you do not have premium and want to download songs. Why are you so worried? When I am here. You need not worry about that. If you want to download songs on Mobile or Desktop even, with or without premium. You can download anytime anywhere just by following this step-by-step guide. Let us get started. 

How to Download Spotify Songs

How to Download Music from Spotify Without Premium?

Downloading music from Spotify without premium is crazy, like enjoying high-quality songs on repeat without the internet is not fabulous! In your desktop or mobile (Windows, IOS any)

Part1- Download Spotify Songs on Desktop:

I am going to use “Musify Music Downloader”. The application enables Spotify songs, playlists to download. This app streams more than 1000+ streaming websites, including SoundCloud, Bandcamp, and MixCloud. You can download songs from any of these websites. You can enjoy the albums of your choice. Let us start with the step-by-step guide. 

Step1- Disclaimer: When you download a song from any app using the third-party app. You have to check the hosting’s site source and terms of condition. If you feel suitable to go with then follow this

Step2- Download the Mustify App

Install the app on your computer either Windows or Mac. 

Step3- Select the Song and Transfer. 

Select the song of your choice. You want to listen to. Simply go to the Spotify website click on the URL of your favourite song. Copy the URL using ctrl+C and go to the Mustify app and paste the URL here

Step4- Final Step

When you paste the URL. you just have to select the “2 Much” song download. Click on the “Download” button to download your song. 

Here, your song will start downloading. You can track your song’s download process by clicking on the download tab. 

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Part2- Download Spotify Songs on Mobile:

You know there is no direct way to download the songs from Spotify directly without Premium. But, you can get this on your mobile. First, do the same process as described above in the 1st part. Then share the songs to your mobile android or iPhone. Let us start hoe to transfer songs to the phone. 

Transfer Songs to Phone? 

You can use any third-party app to perform the same to make it easier for you. It would be an easy and quick process to do so. You are any phone user that is not a problem. Process is the same for all users. 

Way1- USB

Way2- Using Google Drive

When using a USB Cable simply connect the phone to the computer using the cable and copy-paste the song. 

When using Google Drive, you just simply need to upload songs from your computer to google drive and use the same id on your phone and download the song there. 

Transfer Songs to Phone?

How to Download Spotify Songs with Premium? 

It is very easy to download songs from Spotify using premium. It’s like food is served on your plate, you just have to take it into your mouth and chew it. With Premium Subscription, you can enjoy songs without advertisement

Download Spotify Songs on Desktop and Mobile Devices. 

You can download the Spotify Playlist on your desktop. But, you can not download podcasts and albums. You just need to find it out your favourite playlist you want to download on your desktop. In terms, of your phone. You need to list your favourite podcasts or album or song of your choice. Let us start with how to do so. 

The process might vary according to your area of living. The app is featured differently in different countries. 

Way1- Download Song From the Library

Step1- Go to the “Spotify” app. And go to “Library Tab” 

Step2- Tap the “Liked Songs” option

Step3- You will see a download button at the top of your screen

Way2- Download Particular Song

Step1- Click on the “Search” tab

Step2- A new page will appear in front of you, and click on the “podcast categories” 

Step3- Here, some podcasts will be shown on your screen. See at the top left corner, the three dots. Click on them. And tap on the” Download” button to download the particular song. 

Here, you can download any song of your choice. The song will be available offline for 30days. After 30 days you have to redownload the song. 

I hope, this article is suitable for you, if you want to share something related, feel free to reach us in the comment section. 

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