How To Fix Black Ops 3 Crash On Startup?


When you first start up Black Ops 3, you’re excited. But when the game crashes right away, you’re angry. This whole guide will look at the main reasons for this problem and come up with full answers that will let you play games again quickly.

Reasons Behind Black Ops 3 Crash

There’s more to the Black Ops 3 starting crash than what everyone already knows. Hardware isn’t up to par, the graphics driver is old, and programs don’t get along well with each other. These five more things are making things worse.

  • Hardware That Doesn’t Work Together: Some hardware setups might not meet Black Ops 3’s strict standards, which could cause the game to crash when it starts up. To get around this, make sure you have the right gear for the game.
  • Broken Game Files: When game files get broken, the game may crash. If the program or file stops for some reason, this could happen. These files need to be fixed before you can play games without any problems.
  • Too much stress on hardware: If you play games for a long time, your hardware might get too hot. Black Ops 3 might not start at all if some parts get too hot. Getting things to cool down in the right ways can fix this issue.

How To Fix Black Ops 3 Crash On Startup?

  • Tasks Running in the Background: Black Ops 3 might not react as quickly if your computer has a lot of tasks running in the background. Some processes may not be needed at the start, so it can be helpful to find them and stop them.
  • Software Not Up to Date: If your software is not up to date, the game might not work right. Make sure your OS has the most recent changes and updates. If not, you might crash when you first start up because of systems that don’t work together.

Methods To Fix Black Ops 3 Crash On Startup

Method 1: Updating Graphics Drivers

To get the most out of your games, make sure that your computer drivers are always up to date. It’s simple to stay up to date with our full help. It also takes care of any problems that might come up during the process.

Method 2: Resolving Software Conflicts

To find software that doesn’t really work with each other is like being a hacker in the ‘net. Open any background apps you don’t need and close them. Also, be careful when you use compatibility mode to find and fix these issues.

Method 3: Allocating Sufficient System Resources

To get the most out of your game, you should have enough setting tools. Check out detailed guides on how to make your computer run better. If it doesn’t meet the needs for Black Ops 3, you may need to buy new gear.

Method 4: Verifying Game Files

To play games quickly, game files must be kept safe. Learn why it’s important to check your game files, and then use the step-by-step guide to do it on your phone or tablet.

How To Fix Black Ops 3 Crash On Startup?

Method 5: Adjusting Graphics Settings

You need to be able to find the right mix of picture settings to keep things stable. Don’t forget to fix any crashes that might be caused by the way the images are set up by following these steps.

Method 6: Checking for Game Updates

It’s very important to have the most recent games. Look for easy ways to make sure you always have the most recent Black Ops 3 client. This has the newest features and the fastest speed.

Method 7: Running the Game as an Administrator

When problems happen, giving more rights can help a lot to fix them. Read our guide to learn how to play Black Ops 3 as a supervisor. It will help you avoid rights problems and make things run better overall.

Method 8: Antivirus and Firewall Settings

defensive software is useful, but it can be too defensive at times. If you know how to change the settings for your security and firewall, you can play games more easily without worrying about your safety.

How To Fix Black Ops 3 Crash On Startup?

Method 9: Reinstalling Black Ops 3

You might need to start over with a new build when things are really bad. Find out the best way to restart Black Ops 3 if you want to fix crashes that happen when it starts up.

Method 10: Seeking Community Solutions

You can learn a lot from other gamers on online chat boards. Use the knowledge of the group to find a better way to do things. This means getting ideas for how to make Black Ops 3 work better.


Many things could cause Black Ops 3 to crash when it first starts up. These will help you fix the issue. Don’t give up. These steps will help you enjoy your game again.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Should I do something else if the graphics drivers are already up to date?

Sometimes you need more than one answer. You might want to read the other steps before you finish this guide.

Can mods make Black Ops 3 crash when it starts up?

Some mods might not work with the game, yes. Now that you know how to fix the problem, turn them off and play the game again.

If my computer doesn’t have enough tools, why does the game crash? Should I get fresh hardware?

Check to see what the game needs from your computer. You may need to get new gear to speed up and smooth out your gameplay.

Why do some of the beginning of the game start as a boss?

Since running the game as an administrator gives it more rights, it can start up even if it wasn’t able to before.

Does Black Ops 3 not work with any known security software?

Any security software could give you trouble, but some users said that certain software did. To get the game to work better, you could change the settings or turn it off for a while.

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