How to Fix PS4 Controller Not Charging?


The PS4 is the best for games that make you really feel like you’re there. It will be the most fun you’ve ever had. The PS4 controller is a big part of this, but when it won’t charge, it can ruin the fun. You don’t need to be mad that your PS4 controller won’t charge. Find the most common problems with your controller with this full guide. It will then show you how to fix them step by step so that your controller is fully charged again.

Common Reasons for PS4 Controller Not Charging

First, let’s look at what could be wrong with your PS4 controller that would make it refuse to charge:

1. Bad USB cord: The USB cord that ties your controller to the power source may be broken or not work with your controller. Charges would be tougher to make. Most of the time, it’s because the line or link is frayed or not tight enough.

2. Trouble with the Controller’s Battery: The controller’s battery may be dead or broken, so it can’t hold a charge. Batteries become less useful over time because they lose strength.

PS4 Controller Not Charging? Here’s How to Fix it

3. There may be problems with the charging port. The charging port on the PS4 controller or the PS4 system may be broken, making it hard to connect and charge. If the port has junk or broken pins, it might not be able to charge.

4. Having trouble with the power source: The charger port or wall plug could be broken, which would stop power from getting to the remote. The PS4’s power source, USB port, or PSD port could all be broken.

Solutions to Fix PS4 Controller Not Charging

As soon as we know what could be wrong with charging your PS4 controller, let’s look at some ways to fix it:

Method 1. Try a Different USB Cable

The USB link that is being used could be the sneaky bad guy. This will make sure that the problem isn’t caused by a broken link or one that doesn’t work with the other device. Make sure you choose a good USB link for the best results.

Method 2. Inspect the Charging Port

Look at the charging port on your PS4 grip for a moment. It could have trash in it or damage to it. A soft clean can that is full of air can do great things. When you clean the port, be careful not to hurt it even more.

PS4 Controller Not Charging? Here’s How to Fix it

Method 3. Use a Different Power Source

Do not use the same USB port to charge your PS4. Use a different one instead. Try a different power source if you already have a wall charger in place. Make sure that the power source is always giving out electricity.

Method 4. Reset the Controller

It can be very helpful to start over every once in a while. This little button is next to the L2 shoulder button when you turn the mouse over. Something like a pin can be used to press it. Try to charge the controller again now that it has been turned off and on again. During this step, bugs in the program can be fixed and the controller can be set up again.

Method 5. Check for Software Updates

The software on your PS4 controller should be up to date. A USB wire can be used to connect the controller to the PS4. Next, look at the settings to see if they have changed. Your controller will work better if you keep its software up to date.

Method 6. Verify the Battery Level

While the battery level is low, it may not be clear at first that it is charging. This is because the charging state needs some time to show up. To be safe, make sure the PS4’s battery level is not too low. If the battery is very low, the charging state might not show up right away.

PS4 Controller Not Charging? Here’s How to Fix it

Method 7. Try a Different Controller

If you have another PS4 controller on hand, you can charge it with the same cord and power source. This test helps figure out if the remote or the way it is being charged is broken. The first controller is to blame as long as the second controller charges without any problems.

Method 8. Inspect for Physical Damage

Take a close look at your controller to see if it’s broken. Breaks in the case or wires that stick out could be clear signs. If you find it, you might want to get help fixing it from a pro. If you try to fix damage without knowing how to do it right, you could make things worse.


Some games can be less fun when your PS4 controller won’t charge, but there are things you can do to fix many issues. You can fix what’s wrong by looking at the ports, plugs, and power sources. Calling Sony’s customer service or getting help from a professional might be the only way to fix the issue at its source.

Remember that it’s important to keep your game gear in good shape and take good care of it. Another thing is to make sure your PS4 controller is charged before you play.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What’s wrong with my keyboard for PS4?

Maybe the USB link is broken, the charging port is broken, the power source is broken, or the battery in the remote is broken.

That cord doesn’t work to charge my PS4 controller. What should I do?

Check the cord for damage by plugging in a different USB cable. Again, check the charging port, the power source, and the gadget to see if the problem is still there.

If the battery is broken in the remote. Will it be hard to charge?

If the battery is broken or not full, it might be harder to charge. If you think the battery is broken, you might want to get someone else to fix it.

How often should I charge my PS4 wand?

If you want to play games without stopping, don’t charge your PS4 controller when it’s already full. When you’re not using a tech item, or at night, charge it.

Should I try to fix my broken radio myself?

Call Sony’s customer service or have a professional fix the damage if it’s real. They can tell you how to fix it without voiding the warranty.

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