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Oh! you want to know, how to hack Google? You are at right place. In this article, we are going to discuss about the Google Hack, how to do so in detail. Let us get started.

What is a Google Hack, and what does it entail?

Google hacking, also known as Google dorking, is a data-gathering technique in which an attacker uses advanced Google searching tactics to obtain information. Google hacking search queries can be used to find security flaws in online applications. Rather gather information for arbitrary or specific targets. Also find sensitive information in error messages, and find files containing credentials and other sensitive data.

how to hack google

An attacker may use an advanced search string to look for a vulnerable version of a web application, or a certain file type (.pwd,.sql…) to narrow down the results. How to hack Google The search can be limited to certain pages on a website, or it can search for specific information across all websites, returning a list of sites that contain the information.

For example: 

The following search query will return a list of SQL files (filetype:sql) that Google has indexed for websites with directory listing enabled (intitle:”index of”).

  • Similarly, the following search query will provide phpMyAdmin installations that are publicly available.

inurl:”main.php” “phpMyAdmin” “running on”

  • In Google Search, there are logical operators and symbols.

Attackers can use logical operators like AND, NOT, and OR (case sensitive) as well as operators like, –, and * in Google searches. Additional information on these operators can be found in the table below.

  • Examples of logical operator descriptions

+ or AND

Keywords are included. All of the keywords must be located.


+security +web +application


Keywords are excluded using this method. All of the keywords must be located.

a web application that isn’t secure

  • OR | web application –security

Keywords that match either one or the other are included in this list. All of the keywords must be located.

  • security OR web application

application for the web |security

Tilde () () () () () () () ()

Synonyms and comparable words are included.

application security on the web

(“) double quote

Exact matches are included.

“Security of web applications”

Time is of the essence (.)

Single-character wildcards are included.

application security in eb

Single-word wildcards are represented by an asterisk (*).

web * safety

(()) is a type of parenthesis.

“web security” | websecurity) is a term that is used to aggregate queries.

how to hack google

Operators for advanced searches

The sophisticated Google operators help users refine their search results even more. Advanced operators have the following syntax.

operator:search string text

The operator, the colon (:), and the intended keyword to be searched are all part of the syntax. Double quotations (“) can be used to insert spaces.

The above pattern is recognised by Google search, which limits the search based on the information provided. For example, if you use the search query intitle:”index of” filetype:sql, Google will look for the string index of in the website’s title (this is the default title used by Apache HTTP Server for directory listings) and limit the results to SQL files that Google has indexed.

The table below contains a list of sophisticated operators for locating insecure websites. See Google’s Advanced Search page for more search operators.

Operator with advanced skills


Limit the search term to a single domain or web site, for example.


filetype: Make the search only look for text in a certain file type.

mysqldump filetype:sql

www.example.com: Look for pages that link to the provided URL link:www.example.com

cache: Find and show a version of a web page that was displayed when Google crawled it.


intitle: Look for a string of text within a page’s title.

“index of” is written in the title.

inurl:passwords.txt: inurl:passwords.txt: inurl:passwords.txt: inurl:passwords.txt: inurl:passwords.

how to hack google

Defending Against Google Hacking

Google hacking is merely a reconnaissance technique used by attackers to identify potential vulnerabilities and misconfigurations. Testing websites and online applications for vulnerabilities and misconfigurations, and then fixing them, not only eliminates the chance of enumeration, but also eliminates the risk of exploitation.

Routine manual testing of vulnerabilities that can be found through a Google search is, of course, tedious and time-consuming. A complete automated web vulnerability scanner, on the other hand, excels at this type of activity.

The following is an example of a Google Hacking query to locate PHPinfo files that have been exposed.

“PHP Credits” “Configuration” “PHP Core” “PHP Credits” “PHP Core” “PHP Credits” “PHP Credits filetype:php inurl:info

In Acunetix, scanning a website with an exposed PHPinfo file would result in the following results.

Ideally, such files should be eliminated; however, if certain pages are absolutely necessary, you should restrict access to them by using HTTP Authentication, for example.

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Q1: Is Google hacking the same as Google hacking?

No, Google hacking does not imply tampering with the Google search engine or other Google products. Google. On the other hand, welcomes white-hat hackers and offers bounties if you can improve the security of their web applications by hacking them.

Q2: Is it possible to attack Google using other search engines?

Because it works with all search engines, Google hacking should be called search engine hacking. Specific inquiries for various search engines may, of course, differ.

Q3: What can I do to protect myself against Google hacks?

The most efficient technique to defend oneself from Google hacking is to ensure that no files or pages are exposed. A vulnerability scanner can check this for you on a regular basis. It will also look for a slew of other, much more significant issues that could allow hackers to steal data or take control of your website.

Q4: What does it mean when Google is hacked?

Google hacking entails utilizing Google to locate insecure files and pages. Also, Google hacker can simply find any unsafe files or pages on your computer. All they have to do is use Google to type in a specific search query.

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