How to See the Archived Posts on Instagram Using Effective Tricks

How to see archived posts on Instagram? You can now archive photos from your Instagram grid, hiding them permanently or temporarily from your followers, thanks to a game-changing update. So, instead of posting and deleting four times before I get my filtering down pat (it’s an art, people), I can simply hide the photo from my profile until I’ve decided whether or not it’s suitable for public consumption.

How to See the Archived Posts on Instagram? 

Then you may choose which stories you wish to see on your page. You can easily access your Instagram archive at any moment, whether you want to see past stories or unarchive a post. Instagram allows you to archive images that you no longer want followers to see on your profile but don’t want to delete. You may access your archive to unarchive the content, or you can just scroll through past Instagram stories. 

  • Go to your Instagram profile and hit the three bars in the top right-hand corner to view your archive. You may also make a highlight story out of a collection of earlier posts or articles from your archive.
  • Open the Instagram app on your device.
  • You can also open the Instagram website on the Browser. Then,

archeived posts on instagram

  • Navigate to your Instagram profile by tapping the right-most option at the bottom of the app.
  • In the upper righthand corner, tap the three bars.
  • Tap the “Archive” button next to the clock icon. This takes you to your Archive. It defaults to the photos and videos you’ve shared on your story. To change the menu to show posts you’ve hidden, tap the “Archive” label at the top and select “Posts.”
  • Unarchive a post from this grid by tapping it, then tapping the three dots in the top-right corner of the screen and selecting “Show on Profile.”

tap 3 dots to see archeived posts

  • Tap the three dots in the upper right corner to bring up a menu with two options: “Settings” and “Create Highlight.” If you want to create a new highlight from some of your archived stories, select the latter option. Tap “Settings” to review your Story Controls, such as whether photos are automatically archived.

see archeived posts on instagram

  • Thus, we have found out how to see the archived posts on our account on Instagram.


When Did This Feature Come? 

This useful tool was introduced in 2017 and allows users to delete photographs and videos from their profiles without completely deleting them. You may still access your stored photographs with Instagram Archive, but the rest of the world won’t know they exist. While you must manually archive posts, you may easily alter your settings so that your Stories are automatically posted to Instagram Archive after 24 hours.

You may be wondering how can we hide our photos for a while and showcase them when we need them? I have the answer for it! Let us see how Instagram photos can be archived.

  1. To begin, open the photo or video that you wish to archive. Tap the “Archive” option after clicking the three dots in the top right corner of your photo.
  2. The photo will immediately disappear from your feed and appear in your “Archive” section. You may access your archives by clicking the three dashes in the upper right corner of your Instagram profile. Click that icon, then pick the “Archive” option from the menu that appears.
  3. Then, at the top of your screen, choose the “Archive” option and then pick “Posts.” The folder will include all of your secret photographs for you to obsessively peruse.

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There is also a process where you can Archive the Instagram Stories as well. Let us see how:

  1. The Archive function isn’t only for ordinary posts; it also automatically preserves all of your Instagram Stories (yes, even after 24 hours). To access your Archived Stories, return to your profile and select the “Archive” option. At the top of your screen, there will be the word “Archive” with a little arrow next to it — press that, then select “Stories” from the drop-down menu.
  2. This will open a folder containing ALL of your previous Stories.
  3. You may then save individual photos and videos to your camera roll or upload them to your profile’s Story Highlights section. Simply click the three dots (seen above) in the upper right corner of the screen, then select “Create Highlight.”
  4. Then you may choose which tales to include in your Highlights.

archeived stories on instagram

Automatically Saving Instagram Stories in Archive? 

  1. Open the Instagram app and then Navigate to the Instagram Menu on your Instagram profile.
  2. Now you have to open the Setting tab and then navigate to Privacy then move to Story
  3. On the Story page in Privacy scroll until you see the toggle, then turn on the toggle to save the Archive function.

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