How to Spot Fake AirPods

How to spot fake AirPods? Exactly, if you are planning to get the AirPods manually or via online purchase, you must have this query in mind. But here we are ready with the information to help you out to get rid of fake AirPods by detecting the real ones.

Although real AirPods are bearing some features to get it checked easily if one knows about that. What happened? you do not have to bother as in this article those features are going to be discussed. So, you will be able to detect your AirPods easily whether it is genuine or fake. Fine! let’s start the discussion. There are some features of Apple’s real air pods that help effectively to check for real or fake AirPods.Features are listed as:

  1. Serial number
  2. Diffuser
  3. Lightning port
  4. Printed text for authentication
  5. Light up indicator
  6. Technical details by the company
  7. The price difference of AirPods

How to Spot Fake AirPods? 

1) Serial Number Checking on Apple’s Official Website

The easiest method to check the AirPods can be the serial number on Apple’s official website. Now you just check the beneath side of the AirPods charging case or serial number given on the packaging besides the barcode. Now check the code and enter that on the website i.e. If the AirPods are real then the serial number will be taken and information will be listed for the AirPods like coverage, date of purchase and telephone support. This information makes the difference between real and fake AirPods.

real airpods

2) Diffuser

Let’s check the top one area of AirPods.Which is totally well managed along with the circle that follows it. Even the grille next to it can have the best quality for real ones.

The shape of the diffuser can be different for real ones too but normally they are oval in shape but fake ones are mostly circular and even the difference on white strips is present at the bottom of real. In some fake AirPods, they are strips are found in the more inner part and sometimes the colours are also different.

3) The lightning Port

Look at the charging port via which you charge the case.

It’s easy to check that due to its different shape and the outline metal which covers the port is also dense in case of fake ones. The light angle along with the colour is totally mismatched in fake AirPods. 

real airpods

4) Printed Text

First of all, if you can see the circular button placing is more at the upper side than on the real AirPods.The text which is printed on the AirPods case is not only rich but also has a different shade of grey.

Now you can point out the difference in the text and the hinges spacing for fake AirPods too.

5) Light up Indicator

Here we can see the light-up indicator by opening up the AirPods. box. Now the gap and the vast spacing is disturbing in breadth in the fake AirPods box. 

  • The print on the lightning cable of the fake box is cut off at the bottom.
  • Going to the side, the AirPods text has separate font instead of classic San Francisco is used on real AirPods boxes. The real ones have it in grey but fake AirPods have reflective characteristics.

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6) Technical Details

The technical details are different as per the manufacturing of AirPods.It helps to check for real and fake ones easily.

Let us see the points:

  • The lifespan of the battery is shorter on fake AirPods.
  • Real AirPods are not seen in any other colour except white till now.
  • You can detect a few fake AirPods having a female voice audio file execution when connected to your device whereas the real ones have the company generated ones.
  •  The time duration of your real AirPods is short while connecting to your phone. Normally it’s observed 10 seconds or less than it takes to connect to your device.
  • Instead of the classic Apple Lightning port, a few fake AirPods come with the USB-C port. Which is one of the best clues to be fake. 
  • Fortunately, finding my AirPods beneath find my iPhone is not applicable in case of fake AirPods.


7) Price Difference of AirPods

Normally you can see some fake high-quality AirPods AirPods are sold at a high cost which might be close to the main ones just to create confusion that it can be the real AirPods.

If we will look up to the Current scenario, the cost of wireless AirPods along with charging case may be $169 whereas the non-charging can be $145 around. So, if the price comes closer to fake ones to the real AirPods also, the quality can be different with the difference in features.

Which research in our article that you find is more significant for you in search of real AirPods? Just comment to let us know. Tell us to know about that through the comments below!


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