3 Real Ways to Get Free Money in 2022

Of all the ways to get free money, very few require no effort on your end. All you need to do is to download an app or register for something and then earn free money without doing anything else.

Ways like this are very few and can be challenging to come upon. Due to this, we have taken the liberty of listing three real ways to help you make free money with little effort. Let’s start by looking at Honeygain.

Honeygain – A New Use for Your Internet Connection


Shares unused Internet bandwidth with its partners. These partners then use that bandwidth for a wide variety of things, such as accessing publicly available web content that is region-locked, making sure that ads are appearing correctly, and scouring for fakes or imitations of their products.


Pays you to share your bandwidth, and you can make a reasonable amount of money (even $50+) every month for just running the app. To be gaining more money is advised to add a couple of devices to your account and invite your friends via your unique referral code.

Once you have enough money in your account, you have multiple options for withdrawal, including PayPal and Bitcoin.

How to Use Honeygain

Using Honeygain is very simple. Just follow the following steps:

  1. Download Honeygain from the official website.
  2. Install it and set up the account.
  3. Add other of your devices to the account (same IP address).
  4. Keep the app running in the background as you use your device.
  5. Cash-out when you hit the withdrawal limit.

How to Increase Earnings on Honeygain

Something that gives additional value besides paying free money with no effort at all, Honeygain

suggests supplementary ways to increase earnings.

Here is how you can increase the amount of free money you make on Honeygain:

  • Install it on multiple devices (Honeygain is available on Windows, Android, macOS, iOS, and Linux).
  • Refer your friends with your referral code to make 10% of their earnings (applicable for life).
  • If Content Delivery (CD) is available in your country, decide how much time you want to set for it (CD pays you a set amount for keeping your device powered on, on top of your standard earnings.)

Extrabux – Get Free Money When You Shop

Extrabux is a cashback service. This means that it partners with retailers and manufacturers to give you exclusive discounts on the items you purchase.

Here is how it works: Extrabus is partnered with thousands of stores worldwide. These stores understand the reach Extrabux has and are willing to give their users exclusive discounts.

When you shop on a store through Extrabux, the company gets a little bit for bringing a new sale to the store, and you get a small piece back as well.

Businessman checking stock market online

How to Use Extrabux

Once again, using Extrabux is very easy. Simply head over to the Extrabux website (or download the app) and register an account. Registration is very simple and will not take more than a few minutes.

After that, make qualifying purchases to get cashback and discounts.

How to Increase Extrabux Earnings

It is possible to claim a $20 sign-up bonus when you register on Extrabux. Mind you, you will need to make a few purchases to qualify for this. Still, as long as you only purchase items that you needed anyway, this can be a decent addition to your wallet.

HealthyWage – Free Money for Losing Weight

The last way to make free money that we will look at is HealthyWage. HealthyWage is a highly acclaimed app because it pays people to get in better shape.

Essentially, people enter into a challenge with a defined goal – i.e.., lose a certain amount of weight within a certain amount of time. Everybody puts money into a pot. All those who manage to achieve their goal share the pot, while those who fail lose out on their money.

How to Use HealthyWage

Here is how you can begin making free money by using HealthyWage.

  1. Head to the HealthyWage website (you can also use the Android/iOS apps) and register an account.
  2. Enter into a pot that fits your fitness goals and bet the amount of money that you are comfortable with.
  3. Achieve the goal to get free money.

How to Increase Earnings on HealthyWage

The only way to increase the amount of money you make on HealthyWage is by entering multiple challenges and succeeding in all of them.

If you fail to meet your goal, you will lose out on the money you put into the pot.


We just went through 3 real and easy ways to make free money. Of these three, Honeygain is the one that requires the least amount of effort. All you need to do is to install the app and leave it running. Once you have done that, you can move onto the other two ways. Depending on your want and needs, you can use them as much or as little as you wish.

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