Steps to Reset Network Settings on Android and iOS

reset network settings android ios

Resetting networking might delete all the internet store data and information from your device. The information might include Wifi addresses and passwords, network login information and information on any paired device such as headphones or smart tv or speakers.

It can be frustrating when your Android phone or iPhone has trouble connecting to the network. Some problems can be fixed by turning on and off “Airplane mode” or by restarting the device. If the problem with Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, or cell service doesn’t go away, you’ll need to reset your phone’s network settings. It’s easy to do a network reset, and it won’t delete all of your phone’s data.

What Effect Does Network Reset Have on iPhone and Android Devices?

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Before you reset your phone or tablet’s network settings, you should think about what will happen and, if needed, make changes.

Mobile Network Settings

When you reset the phone’s network settings, the cellular settings go back to how they were before. You need to change which cellular network you want to use in the settings menu.

VPN Profiles

When you reset your network settings, your phone will delete all of the VPN settings you have saved. You need to re-join your VPN network.

Installed Programs, Media, and Personal Files

Your apps, photos, videos, and documents won’t change if you reset your network settings. You don’t have to back up your Android phone or iPhone before doing the steps below.

Wi-Fi Networks that were Saved

Resetting the network settings is a cool way to fix Wi-Fi problems on your phone. If your phone or tablet can’t connect to a saved Wi-Fi network, try resetting the network settings and trying again. The trick deletes all of the Wi-Fi settings and passwords you have saved. Check to see if your phone has saved the Wi-Fi password and then put it in a good password manager.

Bluetooth Profiles that were Saved

When you reset your phone’s network settings, any Bluetooth devices you’ve paired with it are erased. Your top wireless earbuds, headphones, car’s music system, and smart speaker need to be reconnected to your phone.

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Other Settings

When you reset network settings, it won’t change your wallpaper, home screen, lock screen, or other preferences.

How to Reset Network Settings on iPhone?

Here’s how to get the network settings on your iPhone back to how they were:

Step 1: Go to the settings on your iPhone.

Step 2: Tap General, then tap Transfer or Reset iPhone.

Step 3: Choose Reset and then Reset Network Settings.

reset network settings android ios

Step 4: You will be asked for your password (if kept).

Step 5: Then, tap the box next to Reset Network Settings to confirm that you want to do this.

Your device will restart, and its network settings will go back to how they were when it first came out of the box.

If you’re using iOS 14 or a version of iPadOS that came before it, go to Settings then General then Reset and then Reset Network Settings.

How to Reset Network Settings on Android?

Here’s how to reset the network settings on an Android phone:

Step 1: Go to Settings and click on System.

Step 2: Touch Reset and then tap Reset Wi-Fi, mobile, and Bluetooth.

This setting might be in a different place on different Android phones. Here are a few places you can find it:

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  • Click Settings, then Network & Internet. Tap the icon at the top of this page with three dots. Click Reset network settings, and then click Reset settings.
  • In the Settings menu, tap More. Hit Network settings reset, then Settings reset.

reset network settings android ios

Step 3: Go to Settings, then Backup and Reset, and then Network Settings Reset.

Step 4: Tap on Reset settings.

How to Reset Network Settings on Samsung Galaxy Phones?

Step 1: Go to the settings on your Samsung phone.

Step 2: Click on General Management, and then click on Reset.

Step 3: Tap on Reset network settings.

Is It Time to Reset Network Setting?

People usually do this first when their Wi-Fi or cell connections don’t work. Most of the time, resetting your network settings will fix the problem if you can’t connect to Wi-Fi or keep having trouble connecting to the internet in general. If that doesn’t work, try connecting your iPhone or iPad to Wi-Fi in other ways.

If you do this, your device will get rid of all network-related data. This includes Wi-Fi passwords, saved Bluetooth connections, VPN information, and network settings. It doesn’t delete any other important information, so all you have to do to use networks and networking devices again is connect to them.

  • Your phone doesn’t show the name or address of the Wi-Fi network or Wi-Fi doesn’t work.
  • Bluetooth either disconnects on its own or stops working.
  • Your phone won’t let you get or make calls.
  • Frequent call drops.
  • VPN is not working like it should.
  • Your phone tells you there is no signal.

What Happens When Your Network Settings Are Reset?

Most devices and services let you delete information about specific internet connections and devices that are paired with them. For example, you can delete a Wi-Fi network that you no longer use without affecting any of your other Wi-Fi connections.

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If you choose to reset your network settings, you will lose not only the login information for that Wi-Fi network, but also all of your saved Wi-Fi connections, Bluetooth pairings, mobile network preferences, and VPN information.

FAQ’s Related to Network Resetting

Q1: What is the difference between resetting network settings and resetting the phone?

Ans. Everything on the phone, like photos, documents, and other files, will be deleted when you reset it. It will also set everything back to how it was before. On the other hand, resetting network settings only changes the network settings.

Q2: Will I lose anything if I reset my network settings?

Ans. It’s important to know that resetting the network settings is not the same as putting the phone back to the factory settings. When ever you reset your network settings, you lose all of the information from your internet, local network, and paired devices. A factory reset will wipe out almost everything on your device, putting it back to how it was when you first got it out of the box.

Q3: What other options are there for resetting?

Ans. On an iPhone, you can change the settings, accessibility settings if you are using a Samsung, home screen layout, location, and privacy.


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