As a result of its live broadcasts and the potential to make a lot of money on the site via tips and in-stream incentives, Twitch is becoming more popular.

Also, it’s a location where users may discover the material, they want to see that’s tailored to their particular hobbies, such as video games or DJ music.

In order to be a successful streamer on Twitch, you’ll need a large number of followers and people to watch your streams. Adding a custom Twitch overlay and alerts can bring you more viewers.

Because many individuals are too busy for manual growth, they seek the assistance of third parties that promise to increase their Twitch viewers, followers, and other interactions for them, thats where twitch booster plays in.

This strategy has one major flaw: not all Twitch growth services are made equal, and some won’t provide any results even if you pay for the services.

As a result, it’s critical to educate yourself on a variety of growth services and research what others have to say about them.

Twitch Booster Review

We’ve done all the legwork and gathered all the data to help you make an informed choice.

We’re here to provide you an honest Twitch Booster review so you can decide whether it’s a good choice for growing your Twitch audience.

Is there a particular reason you want more Twitch viewers?

To begin, the larger your audience becomes on Twitch, the more fans you have. If you have a large following on Twitch, people are more inclined to watch or subscribe to your broadcasts.

twitch booster

Views are important because the more views your stream gets, the higher it will appear when people are searching for new sites to explore.

So, more people will notice your stream, perhaps join it as a consequence, and become a long-term supporter. Naturally, this will result in an increase in the number of people who follow you.

You won’t spend time trying to be recognised by a small group of individuals if you have a large number of viewers, even if it is just 10.

So, Twitch growth services have lately become popular, in part because building an audience on such a big network may be difficult.

What is Twitch Booster?

Twitch uses this business to help increase their online audience. You can purchase a number of various views and followers’ packages straight from their website, and their price is, in our opinion, very reasonable.

In addition to high-quality features, they charge a one-time price for all of their orders, and you don’t have to divulge your password to use them.

They also claim to provide channel and live viewer packages, as well as super bundles that include both views and followers, to their customers.

It’s impossible to tell who the developers are or where they are situated without a ‘about page,’ so we went without knowing anything about them other than what was on their website.

To be honest, this is alarming since the more you know about a business before signing up with them, the better.

Using Twitch Booster for the First Time

Using Twitch Booster will need that you first go on to their website and choose a plan that best fits your requirements.

Selecting ‘buy’ will take you to the payment page after you’ve completed this step. You’ll need to enter information like your username and email address before proceeding to the payment page.

twitch booster

You should get an email confirming your purchase, and delivery usually takes one to six hours, based on what we observed on the website.

What’s the Procedure for Doing This?

Despite the fact that Twitch Booster bills itself as a Twitch growth provider, it makes no mention of how they maintain their Twitch services secure when they promise to bring viewers and followers to a channel. The first red flag has been raised.

Their followers and watchers are described as completely automated later in the following line.

Followers like this don’t add anything to your Twitch growth; they’re just there to boost your numbers.

As a result, Twitch Booster is still available, with a variety of packages available on their website.

With a $3.95 bundle, you may get 100 Twitch subscribers instantly. With varying numbers of followers, watchers, and channel viewers, the identical service bundle has been replicated time and time again.

Your Twitch password is not required, which is a good thing since it keeps your account safe and prevents unauthorised access.


To demonstrate the many pricing options available to Twitch Booster customers, we’ve included some images below.

Twitch Followers

twitch booster

Twitch Live Views

twitch booster

Twitch Channel Views

twitch booster

Real Twitch Followers and Viewers? 

Twitch Booster’s Trustpilot evaluations claim to have 112 five-star ratings, which is concerning.

You must think that’s awesome. You can’t see them if you attempt to click on the link. There isn’t even a mention of Trustpilot anywhere on the page.

Wouldn’t you expect a business with a perfect 5-star Trustpilot rating to want to connect to that? It’s a mathematical error.

Each and every one of these reviews is a fraud.

When you look for Twitch Booster on Trustpilot, a big warning bar appears, saying that Trustpilot does not endorse or encourage a service like Twitch Booster and should be used with care.

Alright. As a result, their Trustpilot rating is low.

What about the quantity and quality of their subscribers, viewers, and channel subscribers?

Twitch followers, watchers, and channel views are touted as “high quality,” but this is code for phoney. When you read this on social media growth sites and there is no explanation of how followers are acquired, it indicates they’re fake.

There’s a notice at the bottom of the webpage stating that Twitch isn’t connected with or authorised to run the event.

Because they offer phoney viewers and followers, their services do not comply with Twitch terms of service.

twitch booster

Twitch will flag your account if you do this, since they see it as a severe violation of their terms of service.

Having a large number of followers and watchers does nothing for your account since they aren’t human. They won’t even look at your stuff or tip you.

They do nothing except raise your viewership numbers, and they may also get you in hot water with Twitch.

Benefits and Drawbacks


It’s easier to get started since they don’t ask for your password.


  • There isn’t a risk-free trial available.
  • There’s no way to contact anybody.
  • They don’t have a great reputation in the business, and there isn’t much information about them online.
  • They are only able to assist you with Twitch

Because Twitch Booster doesn’t provide a free plan or trial, we don’t suggest you try it out.

Most businesses will provide a free trial to prospective customers so they can determine whether or not their features are well-suited to their Twitch development, as well as witness first-hand how their service is used. This is common practise.

twitch booster

We can’t ensure that Twitch Booster’s service is genuine or that it isn’t a scam due to the fact that it does not have this feature.

This tells us they aren’t confident in their offerings, and there were no demonstration films to be found on their website, either.

You should thus choose a far more dependable service than this one, as we have to advise you.


Instead of increasing your popularity on Twitch, Twitch Booster just gives you a large number of phoney followers and watchers. This is not a long-term solution for Twitch’s development.

That’s also against Twitch’s TOS to use a service like Twitch Booster, so don’t do it.

If you want to make money from your Twitch channel, you’ll need genuine viewers and subscribers, thus using Twitch Booster won’t help.


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