10 Applications to Improve Memory In 2021


The project offers training in memory, concentration, and intelligence. The program was created by Professor of Experimental Psychology Michael Nideggen and artificial intelligence experts Royan Amadi and Jacob Futoryanski.

After registering, the user must take a test that will reveal his abilities in several areas of mental activity. He will then be asked to choose the skills he wants to practice.

The service will pick up exercises especially for you. According to the creators, personalized training helps unlock potential, not just improve abilities. However, in the free version will be available only part of the mini-games.

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Peak works on the same principle as NeuroNation. It is a set of exercises on memory, quick thinking, language skills, attentiveness, emotionality, and problem-solving skills. The longer you play, the more complex the activities become.

For example, in one of the games, you have to arrange the numbers in ascending order. The first few rounds are easy, but negative numbers and numbers marked with dots are added to the puzzle, like on a playing cube.


The principle of the service is all the same: with the help of puzzles, you develop memory, attention, speed, the flexibility of mind, and problem-solving skills. Neurobiologists had a hand in the creation of the program.


We evaluate your cognitive abilities not only in terms of memory or calculation skills—the system checks for insomnia, depression, ADHD, and so on.

Personalized training is created based on neuropsychological tests. And the creators assure that both the set of exercises and their sequence are essential. The activities pump up cognitive abilities and, according to the authors, can correct mild disorders such as insomnia.

Real Kakuro

This Sudoku puzzle game is a crossword puzzle in the style of a numeric crossword puzzle. On the screen, you see a field with squares, partially filled with numbers. You need to correctly figure out the patterns of already available numbers to pick up new ones for the empty cells. The difficulty is that each added digit must occur in the “word” only once. The game interface is in English, but there is not much text.

Brain Wars

Brain Wars gives you a chance to compete in wit with players from around the world. The application connects you to a random opponent and launches various mini-games. Whoever is faster at grasping the rules and applying them to solve problems will score more points and come out the winner. As you use it, the program assesses the players’ memory, thinking speed, and other thinking abilities, showing relevant statistics.


And another game for those who love counting. In Math, you have to look for geometric shapes and numbers patterns to determine the missing digits. The App will stretch your brain and help you test your analytical skills.


An app for developing eloquence, reading, writing, and math skills. You start by choosing the categories you want to create and taking a two-minute quiz to personalize your training.

When the plan is made, you get instructions for each task and explain how it helps improve your ability. For example: “This game shows you a text whose word count increases every minute. This practice will help you increase your reading speed.” The first round is 200 words per minute.

After completing the task, the app makes a graph.


You can pump your brain not only with the help of educational games. Another proven way is to learn foreign languages. Duolingo – the most popular application in the “Education” section of the App Store – it has been downloaded 99 million times – will help you with this ideally.

First things first: choose your language as the most extensive choice for English speakers. Duolingo uses different teaching methods:

  • Reading
  • Listening to the pronunciation
  • Forming phrases
  • Recording the student’s pronunciation
  • Finding pictures to words

The app is gamified, so it’s easy not to miss lessons. You can learn from both your phone and computer. Duolingo also balances friend and teacher – it can send an alert with a hint that it’s time to study, but at the same time remain cute.

Personal Zen

When we are anxious, we focus too much on negativity, which escalates into stress. All of this negatively affects our ability to make decisions, build relationships, and grow emotionally.

Personal Zen is an app for reducing stress and anxiety. It was created by scientists from the City University of New York.

First, you need to assess your stress level and choose how many minutes a week you are willing to exercise – from 10 to 30.

The task is to follow two animated characters. One has positive emotions. The other has negative feelings. The point is to concentrate more on the positive character and follow the flower path that appears in his place.

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