Google Now finally comes to your Chrome browser

After smartphones, tablets and, soon, glasses and smartwatches, Google Now is taking over yet another technological device – your computer. Google’s intelligent personal assistant Google Now will be available in the newest version of the Chrome browser. This new Chrome feature clearly demonstrates that Google is really pushing Google Now to be a global personal assistant that serves you useful information on all of your devices and wearables. I wouldn’t be surprised if, in a few years, saying “Okay Google” is the most normal thing on earth. What about you?


So what information will Google Now serve you on your Mac or Windows machine? Basically, most of the info you already get on your smartphone or tablet: weather, sport scores, birthdays, reminders and directions to work and other relevant places. Until now, there is no proper support for voice commands. So, you still need your mobile device to use all the cool and funny voice commands.


You can reach the Google Now cards in the notification center which you can find either on the top (Mac) or bottom (Win) of your screen. Hint: it’s the grey bell. In the settings, you can also configure it to display notifications from apps such as Gmail and Hangouts.

How to activate Google Now in your Chrome browser right now

Google is rolling out this feature today and over the coming weeks. In case the word ‘patience’ doesn’t exist in your vocabulary, there’s a way to speed things up and get it right now. Make sure you have the newest Chrome version and open a new tab. Type chrome://flags  into the address field and hit enter. Now scroll down until you see “Enable Google Now notifications support” and enable the function. Restart Chrome and you should have Google Now enabled.

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