Google Pixel Fold And Everything We Know So Far!


Google could be making a device that folds up. We think this is the case, even though Google hasn’t said much about what it has in mind for the new form factor that could live alongside the Pixel 7. Some important facts have gotten out, but there aren’t that many of them, and some of them even contradict each other.

More and more, it’s clear that the Pixel Fold, if that’s what it will be called, is still a long way off. But don’t worry. We’re here to separate the facts from the rumors and tell you everything we know about the Pixel foldable. Google’s foldable has been in the works for a long time. The company first told CNET that it was trying out the form factor in 2019, but Google didn’t think it made much sense at the time to launch its own device.

An Android document from 2020 showed that a device called “passport” was supposed to be a foldable made by Google. Since then, rumors have been going around, especially since Android 12L came out and a new codename called “Jumbojack” was made public.

Unfold The Google Pixel Fold

Even though we’ve been calling it “Pixel Fold” to be consistent, that name hasn’t been set in stone yet. 9to5Google says that Google might want to give its foldable Pixel Notepad a different name than Samsung’s Galaxy Z Fold to set itself apart from that brand. That would be funny, given how close it is to the Galaxy Note, another popular Samsung series that is no longer being made.

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“Logbook” was also thought of as a name, for what it’s worth. Pixel Fold is the easiest name to say, so that’s what we’ll use until we hear something official. Since this is a Google product, it’s not surprising that leaks started long before we even thought about selling the Fold. The first look was through an animation in Android 12L.

It showed a generic folding phone that looked a lot like the Google foldable. Many sources agree that the Pixel device will look like Samsung’s Galaxy Z Fold line, with a tall screen like a smartphone on the outside and a screen like a tablet on the inside.

google pixel fold

It’s not clear if this description fits both the “Jumbojack” and “passport” code names. It’s also not clear if those are two different devices that will come out at the same time. We only know that the codes could be for two different prototypes or prototype generations.

Google Pixel Fold: Features and Specs

Google Pixel Fold: Display

The latest information suggests that Google isn’t going all out with the screens on the Pixel Fold. We expect a 7.57-inch, 1,840-by-2,208-pixel, ultra-thin glass panel on the inside. According to 91Mobiles, the brightness will be between 800 and 1,200 nits on average. People think this display will be able to handle higher refresh rates, but it’s not clear if it will go as high as 120Hz.

It looks like the top and bottom of this screen will have fairly large bezels, and the selfie camera will be above the screen instead of under it or in a cutout. It’s said that Google won’t use the most advanced foldable screen tech, like that on the Galaxy Z Fold 4, even though both screens are made by Samsung Displays. The likely reason for holding back here is to save money, so we hope the price reflects that.

Google Pixel Fold: Design

There is better news about the inside screen. Dave 2D, who recently posted a video on YouTube showing a Pixel Fold model, thinks the fold will be less harsh than on a Galaxy Fold. People often find these wrinkles annoying, so reducing them would be a popular choice.

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When the Pixel Fold is closed, its front display is said to be 5.79 inches (1,080 x 1,900 pixels), which is shorter and wider than that of the Galaxy Fold. A punch-hole camera for taking selfies is also likely. Everything we’ve heard so far makes us think that the Pixel Fold will look more like Oppo’s Find N than Samsung’s long, skinny phone.

We also expect Google’s foldable to be completely flush when closed, thanks to the waterdrop hinge. This would be a plus compared to the annoying gap on a Samsung. Stereo speakers on the top left and bottom right of the inner display could make up for the larger bezels and make the Pixel Fold perfect for watching videos on the go.

Google Pixel Fold: Performance

Unsurprisingly, a benchmark shows that the Pixel Fold will have the same Tensor G2 chipset as the Pixel 7 Pro and 12GB of RAM. Still, the older Tensor chipset has been seen on a benchmark for the Pixel Fold, which also mentions 12GB of RAM and Android 12, and the Tensor chipset has also been rumored.

But these leaks are from a while ago, so it’s likely that Google has changed it to the G2 by now. Since this chipset seems to be made to make the most of the cameras on the Pixel 7 line, it’s possible that the same cameras will be used, but we’re not sure of that.

If it does have those cameras, you can expect either a dual-lens or a triple-lens setup, with main, ultra-wide, and possibly also telephoto (5x optical zoom) snappers. But a different leak shows different cameras: the Pixel 5’s 12.2MP main camera, the Pixel 6’s 12MP ultra-wide camera, and two 8MP selfie cameras (one on each screen).

Google Pixel fold

This is something we’ve heard more than once at this point. One source says that the back camera of the Google Pixel Fold will be 64MP+12.2MP+10MP. This means that not all leaks and rumors about the back camera of the Google Pixel Fold are the same at the moment.

Leaked renders show that the front-facing cameras are both 9.5MP, and the back camera has three lenses. There’s also a chance that the phone will have cameras under the screen, since Google has a patent for the technology. But pictures that got out don’t show this. Other than that, we don’t know much about the Google Pixel foldable phone, but we can make some guesses.

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For one thing, it will probably run Android 13, but it will definitely run the most recent version of Android at the time it comes out. Using the standard Pixel range as a guide, I think it will also have good cameras, but maybe less lenses than other phones. We also think that the company’s foldable phone will be able to use 5G. Lastly, a small change to the software for the Google Camera suggests that there will be a Pixel Fold and that Google is working on its own software for it.

Google Pixel Fold: Battery Life

A recent report says that the Google Pixel Fold will have a bigger battery than the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4. This means that it will have at least 4,500mAh of power. So far, we don’t know exactly how big the phone’s battery will be, but we’ve heard that it will still be well below 5,000mAh.

What is the Cost of Google Pixel Fold?

Different estimates have ranged from $1,400 to $1,800. If the specs we’ve talked about so far are right, we’d hope that Google would aim for the lower end of that range to stay competitive. If it costs about the same as the latest Samsung Galaxy Z Fold, it might be hard to sell. Google spent a lot of money on research and development. How much of that money the company wants back will determine a lot. With any luck, the goal will be to get as many units into consumers’ hands as possible, and the best way to do that would be to lower the price.

Google Pixel Fold: Release date

When the Pixel Fold will come out is hard to say for sure. There were hints that it would come out in 2022, but that has, of course, already happened. Not surprisingly, new rumors, including one from the New York Times, say that a window will finally open in 2023. Jon Prosser has said that the game will come out in May, but he hasn’t said when. That fits right in with Google I/O, where the Fold might be shown to the world for the first time, and with a supposed leak of a Pixel roadmap for the next few years. The Pixel 8 and the company’s first foldable phone will both come out in the fall, according to a report from The Elec.

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