How to Distinguish Mobile Advertising Networks

The mobile advertising market is fairly young compared to more traditional fields like TV- or online advertising which results into three key facts you should know before looking for the most efficient network for you:

  1. The market is still very fragmented and no mobile advertising network is dominant.
  2. Networks offer different features, services and tracking solutions.
  3. It is not clear which mobile advertising network is the biggest.

The different networks vary in their business models and according to mobiThinking they might be divided  into three sections based on their business model: Blind Networks, Premium Blind Networks and Premium Networks.

Blind Networks are the largest networks, combining a high number of advertisers, publishers and impressions.  They serve advertisements to a huge number of independent mobile publishers in addition to premium publishes’ unfilled inventory. Blind networks are usually based on performance advertising paid on a cost per click(CPC) basis although rare examples offer Cost-per-Action (CPA) or cost per thousand impressions (CPM) models.

Premium Blind Networks are usually medium-sized networks with business relationships to premium publishers (like newspapers, popular brands, broadcasters, etc.).  Offering a mixture between performance and brand advertising, premium blind networks are paid on a cost per thousand impressions (CPM) basis. They represent a mix between blind and premium networks, as mobile advertisements are usually shown on premium pages but without the possibility to target a specific site.

Premium Networks are limited to a certain amount of premium advertisers (popular brands, broadcasters, newspapers, portals, etc.) and offer big brand advertising. They usually operate on cost per thousands (CPM) basis and advertisers are able to directly address certain pages or portals.

Finding the most suitable network for your mobile advertising campaign obviously depends on your marketing goals and budget. I hope I was able to give you a short introduction to the complex world of mobile advertising networks!


Image courtesy of Mobave

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