What Is The Best Gun In Short Range in PUBG?


You have to be quick on your feet and smart about your moves to win PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG). One of the most important things you need to be good at is fighting up close. For close-range fights, the tool you pick can mean the difference between an exciting win and a frustrated loss. This article will talk about the best PUBG guns for close-quarters fights, including their pros and cons and the best times to use them.


In close battle, shotguns are often the best weapon because they deal a lot of damage and can knock out an enemy with just one shot. They are very good at getting into tight spaces and are especially dangerous at the beginning of the game, when clothes are hard to come by.


The S12K is a semiautomatic shotgun that can hit close range targets hard and fast. You can connect different cameras and magazines to it, so it’s flexible. The best thing about the S12K is how fast it fires. Players can fire several shots quickly one after the other, which makes it more likely that an opponent will be killed before they can react.


The S686 has two guns, and each one fires two shots very quickly after the other. When used close up, it does the most damage of any weapon, and a well-placed shot can often knock someone down. On the other hand, it can only hold a certain amount of bullets and takes a long time to reload, which can be a big problem during long fights.


The S1897 is a shotgun that works by pumping. It can kill a lot of birds. It shoots at a good speed. It fires more slowly, so you have to be very careful with your aim and timing. However, it can be very useful in close battle, especially when paired with a choke for better pellet spread accuracy.

What is the best gun in short range in PUBG?

Submachine Guns (SMGs)

A high-rate of fire SMG is another great choice for close combat. Its impact is easy to handle. There are a lot of close meetings in towns and buildings, so these work really well there.


People love the Uzi because it shoots quickly and doesn’t bounce back much, which makes it great for fighting up close. Some SMGs do more damage with each shot, but this one does less. However, it can kill enemies quickly by firing a lot of bullets at them. It works even better with a stock and a longer clip.


When used up close, the Vector is one of the most dangerous SMGs because it fires quickly and doesn’t bounce back much. It can take a variety of attachments, such as longer magazines and grips, which makes it even more useful in fight. This gun’s main flaw is its small magazine, but a bigger magazine can fix that.


It’s a good SMG that can be used in a lot of different ways. In close and medium-range battle, it can be used as long as it is stable and effective. And since its clip is bigger than the Vector’s, it’s better for long boss fights.

Assault Rifles (ARs) in Close Combat

Most people choose assault rifles because they can be used at medium to long ranges in a number of settings. Some ARs, on the other hand, are great for close combat because they give a lot of damage quickly.


The M416 is a stable and accurate assault gun that can be used for many things. When fully armed with a tactical stock, compensator, and vertical grip, it can fight with SMGs up close and still hit targets at longer ranges.

Beryl M762

To fight close up, the Beryl M762 is a great choice because it does a lot of damage and shoots quickly. Because it has a higher recoil, it can be hard to control. But for aggressive players who like games with a lot of risk and return, it can be a great tool; all they need is practice.

What is the best gun in short range in PUBG?

Best Gun for Short Range Combat

From all the guns that can be used, the Uzi is the best one for close-range fighting in PUBG. It shoots very quickly and doesn’t have much recoil, which makes it the best gun for close fighting. When the Uzi fires quickly, it can hit a lot of targets at once, outfiring most enemies before they can counter. It’s great for making battlegrounds and hot drop zones because of this.

The Uzi is better than handguns and other short-range weapons like the Vector most of the time because it is more reliable and easy to use. This is the best mix of power, speed, and balance that you can find.


You need to pick the right weapon for close-range fights in PUBG to get good at it. Some ARs, like the M416 and Beryl M762, can be used in a lot of different situations. SMGs, like the Uzi and Vector, let you fire quickly and effectively. The Uzi is the best close-range weapon because it fires quickly and is easy to control. This makes it a good choice for fights that happen between two people. If you know the pros and cons of each weapon in PUBG, you can make smart decisions that will help you stay safe and win.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Will an attack gun help me fight close up?

When they have the right extras, assault rifles like the M416 and Beryl M762 can be useful in close combat. But in very small spaces, they might not be as fast or easy to handle as SMGs and shotguns.

If you want to fight close up, why is the Uzi thought to be the best gun?

People think the Uzi is the best gun for close combat because it shoots quickly and doesn’t roll back much. Quickly and correctly killing enemies up close is made possible by this. This is very helpful in small areas and battles that happen quickly.

In the late game, can shotguns still be used?

Shotguns can be useful late in the game, especially in cities and closing circles where you need to fight close up. When they’re out in the open, though, their short range and longer reload times can be a problem.

What part(s) of short-range guns should I buy first?

The most important things to look for are attachments that make short-range guns more stable and add more magazines. When it comes to SMGs, longer magazines and grips are very important. Guns for carry can work better with chokes and bullet loops.

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