All These New Threads Features You Should Know About! They Are Fun


Last week, Mark Zuckerberg told everyone that Australia and New Zealand would be the first places to use Threads’ text search. On the web and on phones, we’ll start rolling out keyword searches in English and Spanish today in places like the US, UK, India, and Argentina where a lot of people post in those languages.

We want to add more countries and languages as soon as possible. Still, let us know what you believe would make the search better. Thursday, the tech giant Meta put out the Threads app. It can also be used instead of Twitter. Anyone can post links, reply to or report messages, and join conversations that everyone can see. An Instagram account was used to make the app.

In a formal statement, Meta stated, “Our vision with Threads is to take what Instagram does best and expand that to text, creating a positive and creative space to express your ideas.” People can follow other Instagram users, creators, and their friends. They can be talked to by people who follow them. Folks in more than 100 nations can now get Threads on iPod and iPhone.

Elon Musk’s tweets aren’t making much money right now, so the app comes at a bad time for them. In April, Twitter made 59% less money from ads in the US than it did in the same month last year, even though Musk said the company was “on the rise.”

Threads Features, Tips, and Hacks Everyone Should Know

The most popular social networking site in the world right now is Threads. More than 100 million people have signed up to use it in just a few days. This great texting app was made by the same people who made Instagram and Threads. Meta has made a new social networking site called Threads. These six things will help you get the most out of it, whether you’ve already signed up or are still on the fence.

All the New Threads Features You Should Know About

Share Posts to Instagram DMs

Just like you can now share tweets, you can now share threads directly in Instagram direct messages. This is helpful if you see an Instagram thread that you think a friend would like. Go to “Share” and then “Send on Instagram.”

Custom Alt Text for Media

You can say more about a picture or video you share on social media by giving it alt text. It’s possible on Twitter, and now it’s possible on Threads too. Just press “Alt” and type what you want to change.

A New Mention Option

With the new “mentioned” button, it’s now quick and easy to tag someone in a thread. It will always work if you type “@” and the account name.

View Your Likes

Still, it’s not a bug. Also, it’s not very helpful. In the top right corner of the profile tab, tap the menu. Then click “Your likes.” These might get their own section in the profile tab one day, like on Twitter.

A Following-only Feed

For some reason, Threads didn’t have a Following feed when it first came out. If the app thought you would want more than one account, it mixed them up. You can still find that experience in the “For you” tab. To get to the Following tab, tap the Threads icon at the top of the screen.

All the New Threads Features You Should Know About

Threads Translations

Find a thread that is written in a language you don’t know. There is a small icon in the bottom right corner that lets you translate it to the language that your app knows best. It works, but Twitter is easier to use.

Notifications for Accounts You Don’t Follow

It’s hard to get the following counts just right because there are so many interesting accounts on the platform. You don’t have to follow an account to watch it. To contact them, just go to their profile and click the bell.

Follow New Accounts More Easily

It was easy to get new people to follow you on Twitter. It’s now also simple on Threads. To start following an account, tap the plus sign (+) next to its avatar.

Threads still don’t have all of these things. You might see them as you look through the app. We only have a pretty app ad on our site right now. They only have an account-only search tool and a broken web app right now. But you can add hashtags to threads. “Search and Web” will be out in a few weeks, according to Mark Zuckerberg. That means the first two parts will be out soon. Tags might be added to the search, but no one is sure.


Can’t get rid of Twitter/X but are sick of it? There are some apps that look good, but Meta’s Threads is the best. We have to leave X, though, because its name is funny. Meta should keep adding new features to Threads that make it more like Twitter. Over time, things are getting better.

In a thread on Wednesday, Mark Zuckerberg said that the first three ideas above went live this week. Some things have already been added, and it’s likely that more will be added soon. To read more content like this, visit

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