How To Get Live Advice And Learn Something New With Google Helpouts

After announcing a new service a while back, Google has finally released Google Helpouts, which allows people from all over the world to help each other out in real time. With Helpouts you will be connected via video chat with experts from different fields, who will help you with your problem or teach you something new. Depending on the Helpout, it can be either free or paid.

Want to learn how to play guitar, cook this amazing meal or just need a quick fix for your computer? Helpouts is the place for you.

There are 8 categories for you to choose from if you want to learn something new:

  1. Art & Music
  2. Computers & Electronics
  3. Cooking
  4. Education & Careers
  5. Fashion & Beauty
  6. Fitness & Nutrition
  7. Health
  8. Home & Garden

Following each Helpout you can leave a review and describe what it was about and how the person helped you out. This is especially useful for other people who are looking for someone to help them, since they can take a look at the reviews and decide whether it’s worth to pay for the Helpout or not.

How to get started with Helpouts 

To start with Helpouts, all you need is a Google+ account and a desktop computer or Android device. Unfortunately, an iOS app is currently not available.

Once you enter the Google Helpouts website you are presented with an overview of the above mentioned categories for you to choose from. You can either browse through all the different Helpouts or just use the search field to look for something specific. Now choose a Helpout, book a time slot or start right away if it’s available!

categories you can choose from

Check out this video for a detailed walk-thought on how to get help on Helpouts.

How to make money with Helpouts

In case you are a professional or have excellent knowledge or skills in an area which people would like to learn more about, you can start helping people out and even make money doing it. You will keep 80% of the money you have earned and Google will keep the remaining 20% as a small fee for providing the platform.

However, to start giving help on Helpouts you will need an invitation code first.

Hot to get a Google Helpouts invitation code

If you want to receive an invitation code to Google Helpouts all you need to do is follow these few steps:

In the next few days you should receive an email with your invitation code.

Google Helpouts outside of the US or UK

In case you are not from the US or UK there are a few drawbacks for you when it comes to your personal Helpout: You can’t officially activate your account and you can’t receive payments from people you were helping out, meaning that you can only host free Helpouts.

Although hosting Helpouts is not officially supported outside of the US and UK (yet), there is a way to activate your account and start hosting free Helpouts once you have received your invitation code:

What other people say

In the last couple of days I’ve done some Helpouts to ask people what they thought of the whole thing and their experience.

All the people I have asked were absolutely amazed by Helpouts and the opportunities it creates for both students and educators. One of the people I was talking to has helped out people from 35 different countries.

“We forgot that it is the World Wide Web”.

Helpouts is a great opportunity to promote yourself, your business, to learn something new or get something helped with quickly.

What is your experience with Helpouts? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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