How to Update Nothing Phone 1 to Android 13?


Everyone in the world who has a Nothing Phone 1 can now download Nothing OS 1.5, which is based on Android 13. Nothing has released a full list of features for the new Android 13 update, which improves apps, adds and improves ways to customize, and makes the overall experience better, as well as making some changes to privacy. The Nothing Phone 1 came out in July 2022. It was made by the company Nothing, which was backed by Carl Pei.

Android 13 Based Nothing OS 1.5

The stable version of NothingOS 1.5, which is based on Android 13, is coming to the Nothing Phone 1. Some users could try NothingOS 1.5 in beta until now. The company says that it worked closely with beta users to learn more about the experience and make Android 13 better. By going to Settings and clicking on About Phone, a user can check the OS version and see if there is an update.

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How to Sideload Nothing Phone 1 to Android 13?

A process called “sideloading” makes it pretty easy for you to put these updates on your own. This means that you will download the necessary update packages and install them instead of waiting for them to come over the air.

You need to get the OTA update package for your device before you can start sideloading. To do this, go to Nothing Phone 1 Update Tracker and download the ZIP file for the version of Nothing OS that you want to install.

how to update nothing phone 1 android 13

There should be two types of OTA files for each Nothing OS release: full and incremental. Full update packages work best for sideloading because they update the phone no matter what version was there before. If you already have root access, you can also use them to get the stock boot image, fix it, and then flash it to keep root access.

A partial over-the-air update is smaller than a full one, but it can only be installed on a clean system. This method of manual installation won’t delete your device, but you should back up any data that you can’t replace in case something goes wrong.

Features That Nothing OS 1.5 Provide?

Not only is Nothing OS 1.5 easy to use, but it also has a lot of new features that you’ll want to try out when the Android 13 update comes to your phone. Here are a few of Nothing OS’s best features that you should try out first.

1. Material You

Along with the new Material You style, Android 12 got themed app icons and a new look for Material You. But Android 13 will let them use more apps that aren’t made by Google. That means that more app and phone makers are now adding themed icons to their apps and devices on their own. This feature is added by Android 13 to the Nothing Phone 1, and it also makes the phone better.

2. Nothing-style Weather Forecasting App

Android 13 has its own fresh look, but Nothing stands out with its unique dot-matrix design, which is also used in the new weather app. With Nothing OS 1.5, the widget on the home screen can now connect to the new app. Before, it could only show the weather. All over the interface, big icons and dots make it clear that this is Nothing. AccuWeather gives the app its weather information. It can tell you about dangerous weather and give you hourly and weekly forecasts.

how to update nothing phone 1 android 13

3. All of Android 13’s New Features

Google made a lot of changes and added a lot of new features to Android 13, and a lot of those have been added to the Nothing Phone 1. Some of the most important changes in Android 13 are the privacy settings, the option to turn on notifications, and the more specific permissions for media.

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People who speak more than one language will like that Nothing OS now has a clipboard preview tool and language support for each app. Nothing has also improved the look of the volume controls or added a window where you can change both the alarm settings and the call settings. Nothing OS has added a cool feature called “Live Caption.”

4. Some Nothing-exclusive Software Magic

A new Bluetooth pop-up window gives you some basic information and controls for your connected headphones. It can even pull the icon for the OnePlus Buds Z2 from Google’s Fast Pair servers, making the Bluetooth tile look more like the user. But it’s even better if you have a pair of Nothing Ear 1. In the same pop-up window, you can change the noise cancellation profile and see how much battery life is left. There is also a new tile in the Quick Settings menu that lets you scan QR codes. Google Play Services is what makes this tile work.

5. Appearances

The Glyph lighting effect on the Nothing Phone 1 is what makes it stand out, and the company is making the most of it with its newest product. The new Nothing Machines (2) is a collection of more than a dozen ringtones and alert sounds that all have the same vibrations and Glyph patterns.

6. Improving Quality

People have been annoyed for a long time that Pixel phones don’t have a quick way to switch between data SIMs, which is important in places where people often use two SIM cards. At least they don’t have to worry about it anymore because the Nothing Phone 1 has a shortcut to Quick Settings that lets you do just that. Before, to do that, you have to dig deep into the phone’s network settings.

how to update nothing phone 1 android 13

7. Nothing X is Now Part of the OS

More and more smartphone makers are putting software for their own headphones right into the phone’s operating system, and Nothing is now doing the same. You won’t have to download the Nothing X app separately to control and manage your Nothing Ear 1 and Ear Stick earbuds. This is now built into Nothing OS, so you don’t have to tap a few times or go to the Play Store.

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All Nothing Phone 1 users around the world are now getting the Nothing OS 1.5. The update for Nothing OS 1.5 is 1.25 GB, so make sure your phone is connected to WiFi when you try to download it. If you have a Nothing Phone 1 then go to the Settings menu and scroll down to System Updates to see if there is a new update. If you haven’t seen the new update to Nothing OS yet, don’t worry. You might get it in pieces, but you’ll get it soon.

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