Macintosh vs. Windows PCs for college students. Which one is better?

Naturally, a laptop is a must for every college student. It’s used for multiple purposes, both academic and entertaining. Doing college assignments and case studies, researching the information, and watching movies become easier if you have a top-quality laptop. However, the question is how to choose the right one, taking into account a huge variety of models available on the market. Find the answer in this article!


General tips on choosing a laptop

  1. Decide on your budget

Depending on specifications and features, the laptop prices vary dramatically. There are a lot of models that might be appealing to you. Therefore, you can narrow your choice by setting budget frames. In fact, defining price limits is the first thing to do in order to avoid debts.

  1. Figure out how much storage is required

Because of multiple disciplines, you will have to store a lot of information. As a college student, you must have space for documents, presentations, movies and much more. Apart from that, you may need to install some software. Today, hard drive capacities in most laptops range from 500 GB to 2TB. Usually, even 500GB is enough to meet your study needs. Anyway, you can always buy an external hard drive with higher storage capacities.

  1. Consider portability

Some other characteristics that you shouldn’t ignore are size, weight and the display size. You will need to carry your laptop to college and back at least from time to time, so it must be comfortable for you. A lightweight device is much easier to take with you for classes. So try to balance between ergonomic and compact models.

  1. Choose battery

The battery is one of the most important factors to consider for students that use their laptops almost non-stop. Imagine you’ve forgotten your recharger at home and need to complete an urgent assignment while being away. A good battery could save you in this situation. Opt for models with a good battery capacity so you won’t get into trouble at college. Making sure that your laptop can work hours on end will help you avoid many problems.

Macintosh vs Windows for assignment writing and other study purposes

Once you’ve decided on general characteristics, it’s time to select the operating system. Students often choose between Macintosh and Windows since these are some of the most popular options. Writing experts that do assignment for people studying at college say that there is no big difference in the OS you are using. However, student tasks usually are not limited to assignment writing only. Apart from that, learners may need multiple software programs. Especially those who are pursuing a degree in engineering or IT needs a wide range of features available on the OS.

So Mac or Macintosh, which of them will facilitate your learning? Let’s try to find out!


For sure, the software offering on Windows is much larger. However, Mac provides a wide range of software for audio, video and image editing. So if you are working on the skills in these fields, you could benefit from Mac as no additional installations are required. Generally, both Mac and Windows use the software provided by Adobe and Microsoft, so the underlying OS plays a comparatively insignificant role.


Undoubtedly, the strong point of all Apple devices is their excellent design, thanks to Jonathan Ive. Macbooks are not only cool looking, but also flat and light so they can be easily transported. However, today, other PC manufacturers are creating beautiful laptops as well. In fact, you can find a computer based on Windows that is designed exactly to your taste.

Smartphone compatibility

If you have an iPhone or iPad, this could be a reason to purchase a Mac. Obviously, it will be much more compatible with your devices, which will save you time and nerves. Things become more difficult with Windows. As you might know Microsoft has officially stopped further developments of its mobile platform, so many users got disappointed. Nothing could prevent the death of the Windows phone, so take into account this fact while choosing your operating system.

Support services

It’s important to note that Apple service and support is always expensive. However, if you drive to the nearest Apple store, you’ll definitely get great advice and immediate help. But unfortunately, an Apple store is not always available because it might be located far away from your place. If you have a laptop with Windows OS, there are no guarantees on the quality of support services. In other words, you never know how you’ll be treated as a customer.  But the good thing is that the services for Widows PCs are considerably cheaper and easier to get.

Author’s BIO Michael Turner is a researcher and academic writer. He completes research papers, essays and dissertations for university students. In his free time, Michael studies computer science as he is interested in the latest technological advancements.

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